Today’s Prayer (12/01/2019)

Oh Lord, my God, I am so humbled to call upon Your Name. I’ve been thinking of Your birth and I am so grateful. Thank You for coming down to earth, in order to save us from our sins. We would be lost if You had never came. I am so grateful to know that the God I serve did come as prophesied of. You were the answer to the prayers of the people of Israel for centuries and are now the answer to the prayers of every Christian. Thank You Lord for coming down and rescuing us from a life of sin. What You did for us on the cross gives meaning to my life and others. I no longer have to live in fear, for You have forgiven me of my sins. There is no more guilt or shame, because You have came and filled me up with Your love. My sadness has turned into gladness, for You have saved me. My soul is now uplifted, because You are here with me. Thank You God. My life is now on course. I have a light ahead me and the Holy Spirit is my guide. May You always be with me and never leave my side. Convict me of my sins, that I may repent. I don’t want to grieve the Spirit, but to walk in Your holiness. So fill me up with Your righteousness, that I may be Your hands and feet upon this earth. I love You Lord. All the praise and glory to Your great Name. I am amazed at everything You have done for me. Amen.
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