Today’s Prayer (12/29/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray for every person that is still living a life of sin. What they are doing is very destructive to not only themselves, but to others around them. So convict these people of the wrath to come, lest they repent and be made right with you, while in this life. Based on your Word, I know it is serious stuff to walk uprightly in this life and not continue living for the world. Truly, people have become very disobedient to Your will and don’t even realize it. This is very sad, since sin and repentance are not taught as much, or not at all, in certain churches anymore. What we need are pastors that are leading the flock of Christ on the path of righteousness, and instead, they are leading them on paths that do not save their souls from hell. Oh Lord, convict these men of their sins, that they may stop beating around the bush when it comes to certain topics in the Bible, but begin to teach on them with boldness. This way, people will understand that using foul language is so evil, that even their faith is dead also if they continue to do so. There is so much people need to learn when it comes to sin and death. And without fully coming to You in repentance, these people will never be washed clean through Your blood. So I pray that people will desire to teach exactly what the Bible says and also be doers of the Word. Then, will people walk out their faith and begin to shine Your light for all to see. I love You, Lord. Your ways are true and faithful. I believe in You enough to give up my sinful lifestyle and follow You. This world doesn’t even hold a candle to what you can do in my life. Amen.

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