Today’s Prayer (12/21/2019)

Oh Lord, it is heaven that I wish to be at when this life is over. And there is only one reason for this. It is because You will be there. I love You more than anything else and to have You in my presence forever is the best thing I can hope for. You are my bride and I can’t wait to spend all eternity with You, my King and my God. If there is anything that You wish for my life now, please make me aware of such things. I do not wish to fulfill the lusts of my flesh any longer, for Your ways are more important to me. Therefore, use me in Your kingdom, that I may do something that is amazing in Your sight. It is the greatest joy of all to get out of my comfort zone and act upon my goodly instincts that come from You. I have seen many people come to faith because I decided to go out on the streets and witness Your truths with people. I have seen people be healed because You have answered mine and their prayers. Miracles are not a thing of the past, for You are working in me and many other Christians that love You with their whole hearts. Even people that are homeless are being fed, and given the things they need because people are out there serving them as You have served us. This is spreading joy and I cannot do this enough. So continue to use me and others in Your kingdom, until the day You call us home. Then, will we and others we’ve helped be with You in heaven for all eternity. So be near me all the days of my life and lead me from temptation. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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