Today’s Prayer (12/18/2019)

Oh Lord, I am only a humble servant of Yours, and if I have strength in my life, then it is by Your hand alone. Therefore, I am able to do all things by Your hand. Use me and I will bring your gospel message to all that will listen. Build a home in my life, that I may say and do as You would on this earth. Send down the Holy Spirit into my heart, that many people will be moved to know You, Jesus. It is my will, like John the Baptist’s, to prepare the way for Your second coming. As I am prepared and waiting for You most diligently, I also wish to see many more souls be saved until that special day comes. Surely, the day will be fierce and people will be fearful who don’t know You as their personal Savior, but those that do will rejoice, for their King has come. Yes, Lord, You are my God who I love and honor with my whole heart. There is nothing I’d rather do, then to be in Your will always. Your commands are like honey to my mouth. I love Your ways and wish that more people would delight in following Your commandments also. For in Your ways are we led to eternal life and happiness in this life and the next. If people could just experience the great joy in my heart, they would also fully surrender their lives to You, Jesus. Therefore, will I go forth and be a light unto the world, as You shine down upon me. I am not the light, but Your light is in me now, so that people will come to You for counsel, teaching, direction and more importantly, salvation. I love You, Lord. All the praise and honor to Your holy Name. Amen.
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