Today’s Prayer (12/22/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray for the lives of every unborn child right now. May they be protected by Your mighty hand. I don’t wish to hear about any more innocent lives being killed before they have a chance to be born. Abortion really makes me sad and I know that You have a way to stop this madness before it gets worse. So come into the lives of the women that are contemplating doing this vial and wicked act right now. And convict them that these thoughts are of Satan. Help them understand the worth of their future child. Even if they can’t seem to think of a way to support the baby when it is born, may they talk to Elders in their church for assistance. And if no support is available from the church, family, or friends, give them hope in that You will make things work out, if they just trust in You. There are places that will help people them, that will deliver there baby at no cost or as little as possible to them. These are good-hearted people and I pray that these women will find such pro-life clinics. I know that there is adoption as a possibility, so I pray that these women won’t throw this thought out either. All I desire is that the life of this innocent child, Your beautiful and precious creation, will have a chance to live out their life. How is it that people can think that they can mess with what You are forming in the womb and murder these babies? This is so sad and is murder! So those women that have already done this, may they repent and give their lives to You. Then, can they find refreshing and forgiveness for their sins. I love You, Lord. I trust in You for answers. Amen.
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