Today’s Prayer (12/26/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will not only make room for You in their everyday life, but long to do Your will above all else. There was a time that I fit You in my day, along with my own desires, but really Your will was not performed. Sure, I got some things out of the Bible and prayer, but really I was not made alive yet. It was then that You put it on my heart to put aside things in my life that do not glorify You. So You helped me give up watching the shows of this world, while helping me stop video games. Surely, the things that I was giving my eyes over to was not for You and was only leading me away from You, while giving me impure thoughts in the meantime. Looking back, I do not miss the action-packed movies on TV, and even the comedy shows, for they were always so crude and dishonored You through making killing and immodesty seem ok. So thank You, Lord, for delivering me from my video game and movie collection addiction. I used to think that having the best movies and games on Steam was going to make me happy, but again, it only led to much guilt and shame, because of how it made me feel on the inside. Those games often made me get angry and I would even blow up at those I love, while also giving me over to impure thoughts. Only You could change a person like this. So thank You again for freeing me from the bondage of sin. In Your presence, I’ve found freedom from the addiction of TV, movies, and video games. I don’t need them anymore, but only more of You. Only You can fill me up with the joy I need, and give me over to the best things in life. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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