Today’s Prayer (12/28/2019)

Oh Lord, I love and honor You. There is nothing this world can offer me that you have not already done for my life. Because Your presence is with me, I am filled with so much peace, love, and happiness. I welcome You, Lord, in my life now and forever. It is my prayer that You will always be with me. I am so much stronger now and I know it is because of Your great love for me. Only You could free me from the lusts of my eyes and the covetousness in my heart. You have given me better desires to serve You in Your kingdom. I am now walking in Your holiness as I seek You, Lord, daily through reading the Bible, praying, and doing Your will. I am unable to do this on my own, but only through the Holy Spirit in me. Thank You, Jesus. I praise You, Lord. You are so merciful and kind. Thank You for hearing my prayers and having compassion for my life. I am a new man because of what You have done for me. And now I have hope that others that are in bondage now, because of their addictions, that You will free them also in Your mighty Name. If these people would just come to You in all their brokenness, then You would make them whole. All I can do is lead these people, even while they are in sin, to Your holy presence in prayer, and You are able to do the rest while convicting them of the evil state they are in. So lead these people away from all their lusts and covetousness, while giving them over to clean thoughts that honor You. I say these things, Lord, in Your mighty Name, Jesus. Oh, how I love and adore You, God. Amen.
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