Today’s Prayer (12/30/2019)

Oh Lord, I love You and only want to stay in Your presence. Help me to not give in to temptation, but be led away from it at all costs. Nothing is worth more than losing out on an opportunity to do Your will. I’ve learned from the past that to willfully sin is to blind myself of what is right. Therefore, don’t allow me to fall victim to sin and death again. I’ve experienced enough of what guilt and shame does to a person and I am tired of it. I’d rather live in Your love and have Your joy every morning that I wake. So shine Your upon me, that all will see You inside of me. Help me to be bold in my witness to the lost. Help me find those that are lost and reach them with the gospel message of hope. I wish that every person would be able to wake up to their sins and draw near unto You in their confessions before it is too late. In saying this, my prayer is to also reach those that are casual or regular drinkers of alcohol, which is generally beer or wine. Doing such things, people are falling into drunkenness and allowing their minds to be clouded over. They are not sober but are as people of the world. Such people are not saved in Your kingdom, and I hope to reach them before their time is up. May Your words be in my heart always, that when I encounter people in the bar scenes, Your words will come out and convict them of their sins. Therefore, it will not be me judging them, but Your Words, which stand supreme. What people need is discipline, and to learn to fear You, while in sin. Then, will they repent and allow You to cover them with Your blood. Where there is forgiveness and mercy. Amen.
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