Today’s Prayer (12/09/2019)

Oh Lord, I am amazed every time I get to read and study about Your amazing birth. More importantly, does my heart rejoice when I read Your words in the Bible, for they are holy words indeed. Thank You for speaking to us through scripture. Surely, my mind has been opened to Your teachings in the most beautiful way each time I read and listen to the verses. Even today I was caught up in the verses in Isaiah, chapter 9. Surely, this man was given such an amazing prophesy of Your birth, that will forever be sung in songs of praise to Your great Name. As Isaiah spoke, no person is more wonderful than You. You are the greatest counselor of all. There is everlasting peace in Your hands, oh God, the everlasting Father. Thank You, Lord, for ushering in good tidings of great joy to all the world in Your birth. Because You have come to this earth, we have mercy and forgiveness of sins. Your light is shining brightly upon those that believe in You. I am so blessed to have You in my life, oh Lord, and for You brightening my day, each and every day that I live. All I need is found in You. The greatest joy cannot be found in things that this world creates or offers, but only what comes from above. Therefore, I trust in You in all things. My life is complete because You are a part of it. I love You, my Lord. All the praises and glory to Your Name. Amen.
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