Today’s Prayer (12/24/2019)

Oh Lord, oh how I adore You. You are Lord of all and I worship You. It is because of You, Jesus, that I have joy in my life. Even when sadness comes into my life, You are there to carry me and give me rest. I am at peace just thinking of Your bounteous blessings for my life. I surely don’t deserve Your great love for me, but still You love me more than anyone else has and ever will. I want the world to know that I believe In You for salvation. For in myself alone am I nothing. Only through Your hands am I made strong. I am grateful to have You in my life. Everything makes sense because You are there. You have given me eyes to see, and now I can see what is of the world and what is for You. And my decision is to live a life that honors You and not my own flesh any longer. I am done with all the guilt and shame in my life, because of willful sin, and give it all to You. It is much better to live in Your freedom, then to live in doubt and fear. It is surely amazing to find the answers I’ve been waiting for, just because I called upon Your Name, Jesus. You are my Redeemer and the Savior of all. Thank You for coming down and being born, that we might be rescued from our sins. You had a choice to make and it was to sacrifice Yourself for the sins of the world, and You did it gladly. Surely, You are the Lamb of God, who took away the sins of the world. I love and honor You. Allow Your light to shine in my life, that many people’s lives will be blessed. Because I have been given much, I can now give to others in need also. So lead me to those that are less fortunate and I will do as You command. I trust in You. Amen.

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