Today’s Prayer (12/25/2019)

Oh Lord, I am grateful for this Christmas day. It is a wonderful day to celebrate Your birth. Though it is always an honor to think of You throughout the year, this time is so good, in that it is set apart to honor You and Your glorious birth. Thank You for coming down to redeem us from the laws of Moses. Those laws were heavy and often caused people to fall into sin and slavery. So You came and fulfilled them with the cross, of which You bore the sins of the world. Thank You for caring so much for us all, as to be the Lamb of God who paid the payment for sins, once and for all. Therefore, our faithfulness to You is what saves us now. I declare this in prayer, for I want all people to know that only You can save us. It is our faith that makes our lives whole. You are able to take the life that we are in now and help us turn from our sins, through repentance, because of our belief that moves us. I love You, Lord. You are the Savior of all. All things are possible because You came down to earth and did what we could not. No more am I on a path that leads to destruction, sadness, guilt, shame, and regret, for You are at the head of my life. I am now found joy, peace, happiness, love, and forgiveness. Thank You for leading me out of temptation and into a much better life, that loves and honors You while loving my neighbor as myself. I trust in You, God, to lead my life and to help me walk uprightly in Your sight. All I want to do is please You and do what You say. Amen.
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