Today’s Prayer (09/01/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray for those people that are suffering right now with depression and suicidal thoughts. I know that many people that I know and love are in despair right now and need You to come inside of their lives, in order to lift them up. Please come to them now and give them the comfort they need to go on in life. Give them the hope that they really need, in order to get back on the right track again. Send people in the faith to their doorsteps and wherever they may be, that their needs may be met and prayers may be offered on their behalf. And put a sense of urgency in my heart and others hearts to find those that are suffering, that we may be a light to them, when only darkness is found. There is hope that can still be found and this can only happen when we in the faith are willing to respond to Your will. So many more people would be getting the assistance they need, if people would be willing to get out of their comfort zones and step out where needs are the highest. Lord, I am so grateful that You have sent people to me, when I was down and depressed. Not too long ago, when I lost my job, I was really hurting inside and You knew my pain and heard my prayers. Not only did you send me a sense of relief to what was going on then, but You sent friends of the faith to my house, that I would be prayed over also. Thank you so much for sending them and giving them the courage to respond to my needs. I needed good friends to help me in those times and You knew that from start. You put them there in my life and now I am so much happier. Things have gotten better over the last many months now with this new job and I give You all the glory. Thank You for taking my thoughts of sadness and giving me gladness in return. I love You Lord. Amen.
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