Today’s Prayer (09/19/2019)

Lord, I am so grateful to know You through Your Words in the Bible and through my time in prayer with You. For You have heard my cries and helped me along the way. I did not need to recite a special prayer to You, but simply pour out my heart to You for answers. You have come to my rescue so my times and have answered my questions. I have learned that You are our Father and desire to help us more than any other person on earth. You know our needs better than anyone else, and therefore, what You have to teach us is gold and cannot be replaced. People can try to replace You with their interactions with them, but what You have to say is so much more valuable. I don’t have to wonder if I am doing what is right, when Your presence is over me. I don’t have to worry if I am on the right path, for You are leading me in it. You have an answer to all my questions, for none of my concerns are smaller than another. You can see through my situation and help me through it, the best way possible. Truly, the world can try to help us along the way, but there is always hurdles and darkness that will prevail in our lives. You never prescribed this life to be difficult, but joyful. There is much peace, when You are working in our lives. It is especially good when You hear our confessions and forgive us as sinners. No more are we wracked by the guilt and shame in our lives, of which the devil puts upon us, for You have lifted us out of the bondage we are in. We can easily be driven to walk in a lot of directions, because of temptation, but with Your hand leading us, we are able to walk safely past them and into green pastures. Thank You Lord. I love You so much. It is so much better now to not be tied down to a memorized prayer, but to just pour out my heart to You. You do listen to me. I am special and have become Your child. For this reason do I not only love to ask You different things, but to also give You thanks and to praise You. You deserve the highest praise of all, for no one is like You. Amen.

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