Today’s Prayer (09/07/2019)

Oh Lord, I want You to know how much I love You. You have been so good to me, as to come to my needs and save me from my sins. I know that I am not perfect, but strive to live in Your righteousness, each day. When I slip into sin, it hurts me so much, that I broke Your laws and have sinned against You. Thank You for hearing prayers in these times and others and having had mercy upon my soul. I wish to always be faithful to You, but I know that the flesh is weak. Therefore, I plead for Your armor to take over my life. Forgive me when I am out of line and draw near unto You again for mercy. I know that You are the Messiah, which came into the world and sacrificed Yourself on the cross. You paid the ultimate price for sins, that we could never accomplish on our own. You freely took upon sin, so that we don’t have to suffer for our sins in judgement. Thank You Lord. Thank You for freeing me my bondage, that I am no longer a slave to sin. Because of You, I have hope for this life and the next. There are still trials I have to face, but as I endure in this faith I know that all things will work out for my good. Lord, I wish that for the remaining days of my life, that I will be a viable witness for You. I wish that people would hear the gospel and come to You for salvation. I know that I am not always the best speaker, but You are able to take my weaknesses and make them strong. Surely, when You take over and start speaking through me, people are taught the truth and also convicted of their sins. May they these people turn from their sins and unto You, oh God. You are our redeemer and I trust in You. I love You Lord. Thank You for everything You do for me and through my life, for the good of others. Amen.

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