Today’s Prayer (09/08/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will desire to learn follow You, by reading the Bible daily and praying to You often. It is one thing to know what the world teaches, but to follow those things is another. We need to be vigilant in knowing what is right and what is wrong, by way of what You have taught us, that we may walk in Your righteous path. Otherwise, we will only gain the wisdom of man and ultimately do things that You hate. I know this to be true, for I was once far from You and full of pride. In my sinful state did I think that I could just get away with my sins. I thought that what I was doing was pleasing to the flesh and if I was wrong, I could just repent later. How foolish I had become. Surely, because of sexual sin, my desire to know You was given over to pornography and adultery instead. And that was not doing any good for me, but harmful to my self-worth and my marriage. You saw me in this wicked state and wished that I would return to You, but my eyes and ears were turned form You. It was my flesh that was getting in the way of being saved. However, when all these things started crashing down on me, I knew that You had given me another chance. People may not trust me for a while, because of what I had done, but I knew that You could. In prayer, I came to You in my brokenness and You heard my cries. I was so sorry for everything I had done and wished to be forgiven. I wanted to start over and be cleansed from all my sins, and You did it. You had mercy upon my soul that day and put me on the right path. I was so foolish in my thinking, but now I am wise in Your ways, oh Lord. Thank You for Your compassion for a sinner like me. I can never repay what You did for me, but stand up for You as a witness. I love You. Amen.
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