Today’s Prayer (09/06/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will begin to call upon Your Name in prayer and actually desire to hear You out when You respond. For surely You do respond to our needs when we call upon Your Name, especially when our hearts are open. It is these moments, that we are broken, is when You can do the most work in our lives. Humility is our key to that relationship with You, that we are missing out on now. I’ve learned, Lord, that seeking You for answers to my problems has been the best help that I’ve ever received for my life. This is because You are all powerful and want the best for my life. For that reason, You have led me out of my bondage of sin and put me on the right path. I am no more inclined to do the things of the flesh, for I know that they are not lawful in Your sight. If anything is abominable to You, I say, let it be abominable to me also. I want Your ways to be my ways and not the opposite. I’ve already experienced what the world has to offer and it is not good at all. I may have had pleasure in things for a time, but because of sin, it always came with regrets and much shame. So thank You for coming into my life and freeing me from my sins and addictions. I am so much happier now. Because You have saved my soul from hell, I have hope and meaning to my life. You died for my sins and now I have forgiveness and mercy for my soul. Your condemnation is not upon me, for You have saved me from my sins. Thank You Lord for helping me know what things I ought to do and stay away from. Truly Your Words in the Bible have become a lamp unto my feet and I cannot get enough of what You’ve said. Speak to my heart daily and lead me in the ways of righteousness. I love You Lord. Amen.

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