Today’s Prayer (09/23/2019)

Lord, my heart aches just thinking of the lost souls in this world. Truly, the majority of people have not made You a priority in their lives and are therefore, on a path to destruction. This terrifies me to think that even people that call themselves Christians are among them. They may have a zeal to know you one day at church, but every other day is a different story. And so is their faith. Lord, people do not know the danger they are in. They do not realize that while they are making time for themselves, they are only neglecting their chance at salvation. Sure, they may live a comfortable life, but when they die, everything will be different. I do not wish people that say they have faith in You to come before Your throne and be found guilty. Surely, a life apart from You would be terrifying. I would never want to spend my eternity without You Lord, and I wish that this was the desire of every person that says they are in the faith now. Give them a desire to know You, before it is too late. Our time is ticking away, every day that we live, and what will become of us when we die? Will we have come unto You before our last breath or denied that time we ought to have had in Your Words, the Bible, and prayer. I pray that people will make the choice today to believe in and follow You. And in following You, may they understand that this means knowing what You have said in Your words, the Bible, and obeying them. Your words are a lamp unto our feet and will become this way for anyone that desires to truly know You. I love You Lord. Your words are my delight and I love to honor You, through knowing them and obeying them. I trust in You, God. Amen.
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