Today’s Prayer (09/20/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will come to know You through Your words in the Bible and through prayer. Help them be convicted of any of their sins, that they may walk in Your light. It is one thing to read and hear Your Words, but another thing to obey them. So give us all a greater desire to obey You and be made clean through Your blood, Jesus. Wash us of any iniquity that is still in our lives. We are sorry Lord for keeping these things with us and we give it all to You today. Doing Your will is more important than any lustful desire in our hearts. We don’t wish there to be continual guilt and shame in our lives, but Your hope that builds us up. So we come to You in all our brokenness, that You may heal us. Give us clean hands and a pure heart. Fill us up with the Holy Spirit, that we may walk in Your ways. And lead us Lord always. Help us do what You desire and not our own flesh. We are tired of doing things that You hate and want these things expelled from our lives. So cleanse us now. Give in us a new heart and a willingness to serve You. With all our heart, mind, and strength, do we love and honor You. All the praise and glory to Your mighty Name. Whatever You would have for our lives, we will do it. Give us the boldness to share Your truths of the gospel to others. Plant within our hearts Your Words from the Bible, and whatever else You wish to teach us through the Spirit. We wish to be Your witnesses, for we are not ashamed of what You did for us on the cross. Because You bled and died, Jesus, we have forgiveness of sins. And because You were raised from the dead, we have newness of life. Thank You Lord. You are our Redeemer and our King. Amen.
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