Today’s Prayer (09/16/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that the preaching of the cross will become meaningful in people’s lives. May people understand that because of what You did for us, Jesus, that we have forgiveness of sins. Thank You God. In our confessions, Your mercy is extended upon us. What a great gift! You suffered for our sins, so that we don’t have to in death. Wow, Praise God. Our life has purpose because of the pains You put upon Yourself for us. It is because of Your great love, that we can walk a new and not have to be held back because of our past. You have wiped the slate clean for everyone that believes in and follows You. All I can say is thank You Lord. And because of the resurrection, we have this newness of life. This hope leads us to walk differently and talk differently. We are no longer doing our own things, but are led by the Holy Spirit, in the ways that are righteous. It is because of Your presence, Lord, that are faith is alive and well. We aren’t simply believers, but people that love You and honor You though our daily walk. To read the Bible daily, pray often and to do as You command is what we desire most. Your ways have become our ways and we cannot get enough of You. We want more and more of Your joy in our lives and less of the world. We want to have Your love with us always and proclaim it to others also. And because You have saved us from a life of sin and raised up into new life, we know that anyone can be saved. Your mercy and compassion see’s through our wickedness and gives us potential for today and tomorrow. I love You Lord. Your gospel message is true. To learn from and teach about the cross is the power of God. It is my prayer that people will come to know this and leave any false gospel behind. Your salvation is worth leaving any false sense of security in this life behind. Thank You for leading me out of darkness and into Your light. It was worth it. Amen.

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