Today’s Prayer (09/03/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray for those in marriages that are having a hard time. Surely, it is hard to bear the times we have with our spouse when love is absent. We can hardly go one when love is being withheld from the person we thought loved us. And Lord, You know who is struggling with this type of turmoil right now and can help them. May you lift up those that people that are sorrowful and even depressed because of their marriage situation. We cannot carry on without Your love in our lives and it is very hard when love is missing in our marriage. As believers, it is Your love that carry’s us onward and gives us hope. For that reason, we plead for Your continued presence in our lives. We need the Holy Spirit to spark the fire back in our marriage, and that can only come from You. We can try to find joy in other places, but it will never last, unless You are the one that has given it. Even our spouse can find a way to love, when they have not shown it for a few months or years. You are the one that can spark the reason for them to forgive and no longer hold grudges. Every wall can come crumbling down when we simply give our hearts over to You. And Lord, I pray for salvation in the lives of marriages of a unbelieving spouse. Life is hard when Your will is not being realized in a marriage, because of other thoughts and desires of our spouse. But, I know that You can show Yourself to them, that they may see You, as we have, and be saved. No marriage needs to end in a divorce when You have the power to change the atmosphere. It Is Your presence that ushers in the love that is lost. We are restored in a new life with You when we believe. There is also a brand new love relationship with our spouse when we both believe. Your ways are higher and I hope and pray that my wife and children will be saved one day. You are my God and I trust in You. May Your love be fully restored in this marriage and others. I love You Lord. Amen.
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