Today’s Prayer (09/04/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray for every person that desires to be saved, but isn’t truly saved yet. Speaking of these so-called Christians, many of them are living outside of Your grace and don’t even realize it. Because their pastors are not teaching upon sin and hell, they have become content with their wicked lifestyle, although it is abominable in Your sight. Surely, people are being misinformed on what sin is and how it will keep them from Your presence. Since their pastors are not teaching them from every part of Your Word, they are getting the truth mixed up in the world. For this reason, they have departed from You, not knowing this. Lord, this is disheartening that pastors are not teaching people about homosexuality, pornography and abortion. Maybe if they did, then people would know that being gay is a sin and how marriage is for husband and wife and that’s it. They would also know that abortion is murder and that killing unborn children is very grievous in Your sight. And people would know that porn is lusting in their hearts for another person, which is adultery. Do they not know that You are holy and our sinful ways will keep us apart from You? So Lord, I pray that You will prick these pastors hearts to repent and desire to teach from and believe in all Your Words in the Bible. I also pray for every person that desires to be saved, but is off course in the world. Give them a desire to read the Bible daily and to pray often. This way, will Your Words convict them of their sins, that they may repent. Then, will they come fully over to You in their confessions. And once Your presence comes upon them, will they see themselves as the sinner and desire to be cleansed. This I know to be true, for Your blood can cover all sin, as it has mine, if people would believe in and trust in You. Truly, when we learn to follow You, that is when we are saved. Thank You for teaching me and showing me the way. I love You more than anything. Your grace is enough for my life. I will follow You unto the ends of the earth. Amen.

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