Today’s Prayer (09/18/2019)

Gracious Lord, I love You. You are my God and I honor You. Thank You for hearing my prayers and having mercy upon my soul. I cried out to You in all my brokenness, and You comforted me. I was lonely and You put Your arms around me and helped me know that things will get better. I may have lost hope because of the sins in my life, but You still took me in. I was not cast aside like others have done to me, but You lifted me up and had compassion for my soul. What a great God you are to see me in my sorrowful state and wipe away my tears. I may have had plans to improve my life, but this became a reality when You started to lead me. I could only do so much for a time, until I fell back into my sins once again. So to have the Holy Spirit lead me and help me overcome my addictions is what I needed. Thank You Lord. If it wasn’t for Your hand in my life, I would still be living in my old flesh and continuing to stumble. I would be walking in uncleanness, lusts, covetousness, among other things. But now, just the thought of being disobedient to You is terrible. I would not be a true believer if I just did the opposite of what You’ve said. Therefore, I come to You daily, in order to be filled up in the Spirit. Put upon me Your characteristics of goodness and love. I wish to bless others as You have blessed me. I wish to forgive the same as You forgive me when I sin. So humble me, that I may be used for Your kingdom. Temptation is strong, but Your will is stronger. Give me ways to escape the enemy, that I might live in Your light. I love You Lord, and for this reason do I obey You. Your words are a lamp unto my feet and I can never learn enough from You. Lead me and guide me Lord. I trust in You. Amen.

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