Today’s Prayer (09/13/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that more people will understand the reason to be a witness for You and settle by doing other things. It all comes down to their willingness to serve You Lord, and I pray that this will begin to happen in their lives, starting today. May they understand the need to know You through Your Words in the Bible and to pray often. You are the way to eternal life, but how can we be led if You are not the Lord of our lives? The answer is that we cannot. You are our mighty God and there is no other way to heaven, but by following You, Jesus. You are my Lord and my life. I am on Your path, because You have heard my cries and placed me on it. I am led by Your light, because You have the best intentions for my life and I love You so much for that. Thank You for Your compassion towards me, even when I fall into sin. I am sorry when I fall victim to temptation as it really hurts me inside, and I can just imagine what it does to You when I slip up. I am just so grateful that You paid the penalty for sin for me, that I have a way out of it. The price was paid, so that mercy could be met when I call upon Your Name in my confessions. You can then help me turn from my sins and follow You in all faithfulness. It is my desire to serve you with my whole heart, body and soul. I don’t wish anything of this world to come between us, God. I want less of me and more You. Tear down the lusts of the flesh that more of Your desires will flow through my mind and into my heart. I love You Lord. You are who made me Your witness to this world and I am grateful for that. Lead me to the lost, that they may know of Your gospel message of the cross and resurrection and come unto You for salvation. I am Your humble servant and I trust in Your mighty counsel and direction. Amen.

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