Today’s Prayer (04/29/2019)

Lord God, I pray that every sinner will be convicted of their sins and turn from them and unto You for forgiveness, lest they have to pay the price of their own sins in hell. I pray that more people will be convicted of their wrong doings and no longer be called a reprobate. In confessions, can you take anyone that is heartfelt and humble and lead them away from the darkness and into Your light. Because You are willing to heal anyone that submits themselves to You, the dangers ahead of people are on their one heads and not Yours. For You have sent people to warn them and this wicked generation has not listened. Only the few and the chosen have listened and repented of their sins and have made You the Lord of their lives. They have been made clean before Your presence. So Lord, I ask that You take every defiled person that trusts in You and bath them in Your mercy. In Your great compassion there will find forgiveness and peace for their souls. May they learn to seek You and be separate from the craftiness of this world starting today. You are the only way to salvation and eternal life in heaven. In You there is comfort, peace, joy, and love that never ends. Anything else in this world is here to deceive and lead people on a path to destruction. So rest with those that are ready and willing to receive You now. Come inside of their hearts and souls and breathe new life into them. May You be with them, as You are with me always and forever. I love You Lord. In You I trust above all things. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (04/28/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that people of all ages, tongues and races may come to know You better. I pray for the lost, of which live in unbelief and sin and don’t even realize the dangers they are in. May they come out of the darkness and experience Your glorious light. As I once lived for the flesh, I know how the things of this world appear so good on the outside, but are only full of wickedness and abominations on the inside. Every person that is not being led by You now has some sort of sin that has taken them down this path, and if they are not repentant and have a change of heart, I know You will deal justly with them and cast them into hell. This truly breaks my heart Lord. I can see how lost this world has become and that most people are on a road to destruction. If they could just have a wakeup call, then maybe they would turn from their sins and follow You. The day that I did this was the greatest day of my life. Where I was heading down a path where there was only darkness, You came and heard my prayers and cleansed me of my sins. You saw me for who I was and who I could be and had compassion for my soul. And because I put my trust in You, my life is changed. I no longer look at women to lust but see them as beautifully made by the God above. For You are our creator and Lord of all. Every person that calls upon Your Name, there is salvation from death and hell. You are our deliver and can help every person, no matter the circumstance. Thank You Lord for leading me out of danger and into Your love. I owe all to You. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (04/27/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will all have a greater desire to live a life for You and no longer live in sin. Surely, if there is any sin inside of us now, especially if it continues day in and day out, please come down and convict us of these sins. For we do not wish to quench the Holy Spirit, but to live a life that honors and respects You, Lord. Lead us away from temptation and shield us from the fiery darts of Satan. Cleanse of us of our sins and change our wicked hearts to live for You. May Your holiness come inside of us and do great things in our lives. I know that I am incapable of living a righteous life, but with You leading the way, I can do all things. Truly, my love for things of this world can change dramatically, into loving Your ways instead as they have now. I know that this may seem radical to some people, but I know that living a life for You, is much more pleasurable and satisfying in this life. Instead of all the guilt and shame that this world puts on us with every sin that we commit, I am left with peace and great joy when I walk in Your light instead. It is Your ways that I love, for it is selfless and so kind. So much so that we can be Your vessel to also showcase this love to others. May my thoughts be also upon You, that my neighbors will be benefited in a way that honors You. I know that many people are in need and with Your Spirit inside of me, I can see the struggles of this world and show a helping hand. This is what I want to do Lord. Doing Your will is so much better than my own and I want more of You and less of me. Take me now Lord and do with me as You please. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (04/24/2019)

Lord God, I pray that people’s hearts and minds would be more open to You this day. May they truly desire to know You and to honor You. In the world we live in, there are many people that would call themselves Christians but inwardly they are far from You. They may have been taught how to know and follow You but willingly decided to serve their own fleshly desires instead. And others may have been fed a lie, telling them that we can continue to willfully sin and still be a Christian and be saved. These things truly are disturbing and wicked indeed. I do not wish to see people go to hell, but instead I am forced to see this day in and day out. Lord, less and less people are willing to live out their faith and to follow You and my heart is burdened by this. They’d rather do their own things of this world than to live in Your perfect will. And the saddest thing is, they think that saying they believe in You alone, while living in sin, will get them to heaven. Oh, do they have something coming to them. A wake up call indeed in judgement. These thoughts are of the devil and need to be cast out of every person that thinks like this. So Lord, convict these people of their sins, that they may repent before it is too late. I know that You have the power to cleanse them and to heal them this day. So I invite You to come inside every person that is living a lie and do a mighty work in them. Lead them away from sin and into Your glorious light. May they experience Your great love and also understand their need to love You and their neighbor as themselves. Then, will You be able to lead them in Your perfect will. I trust in You God. Your ways are righteous and holy. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (04/23/2019)

Dear Lord, I pray that we can all come to an understanding of Your desires for our lives. May our heart and soul rest upon You all our days, that we may know what is your will and what is of this world. Your ways are higher and by the Holy Spirit we can live apart from the flesh and live for You. You make us able ministers of the gospel, through our faith and devotion to You. As we put our trust in You, Lord, for salvation, our lives are changed. Even in an instant, our wicked hearts are put to death and we are resurrected into new life. Just as You rose from the dead, we rise into a new life that glorifies You and not the flesh. Our new God given instincts are what leads us to do things that are righteous and holy and not to blaspheme the temple of the Holy Spirit, that is inside of us. Therefore, we pray each day that we may be led away from temptation and into Your love. May Your words always be in our hearts, that we may know how to follow You and do Your will. Now, in all things Lord, we desire the Holy Spirit to be with us always. Lead us and protect us in this life now and ahead of us. I know that You have us in Your hands and will never let us down. I trust in You, Jesus. You are my Lord and my God. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (04/22/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that as believers in You, that we will learn to walk in Your ways also. May we all come to an understanding to know what it means to be Your disciples. Help us all to understand the meaning of our lives, that we may live up to our potential. I know that You have great things in store for each us, it just takes a humble heart to realize it with You. So many spiritual gifts abound in us, if we but reach out to You in Your words and in prayer, in order to allow them to come to fruition. In doing this, we allow Your will to be done in our lives. This is what we need Lord. We need more people seeking You on a day to day basis, that the Holy Spirit may live inside of them and lead them in what is right. In doing this, will we become a great blessing to the lost and to others in the faith. Each of our spiritual gifts are a delight and a blessing to others we meet. This is when Your love is able to overflow inside of us and into the lives of others. And through reading Your words daily, we will understand what it means to love You and our neighbor as ourselves. This is when forgiveness is able to flow deep inside our hearts and into those that have hurt us. Instead of walls built up, Your peace will tear them down and replace them with peace. Because You are our Savior and forgives us our sins, we are so happy to do the same for others. I know that these things do come easier as we live out our faith in You. You make all things work out for the good. Thank You Lord. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (04/21/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray every person on earth will one day understand what You did for them on the cross. That You paid the price for their sins willingly that they might find mercy and grace. This sacrifice is the greatest of all mankind. You took upon Yourself our sins that we may be forgiven. And because You rose from the dead, we have new life. Every person can have hope in the resurrection and that when they die, they will rise also with You in heaven. There is no greater gift on earth than eternal life with You, Jesus. Everything I’ve ever wanted can only be found in You and Your presence. I know now that what this world offers is temporary and what I need is eternal. So all my treasures are found with You, my Lord. You are my delight and what I strive to be like in life. May my life live out to please You in every way. This I pray that the Holy Spirit will ever be with me and guide my path. Keep my strengthened all my days that I may not fall victim to sin and death. Shield every temptation, that I may always be filled with Your love and avoid the guilt and shame of this world. But with everything Lord, I know that my flesh is weak. I pray that in these difficult times that I fall, that You will come and lift be back up again. You are my Savior and I need Your help in good times and bad. I love You lord. You are my rock and my firm foundation. There is hope in Your promises. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (04/18/2019)

Lord God, I am so grateful to know You and to follow You. Thank You for suffering for my sins on the cross. I can’t even imagine the amount of pain you had to go through for my account alone. Surely You bore by burdens that they may be light in my life. I have forgiveness for my sins because of what You’ve done for me. Where there was only guilt and shame, You have come and replaced those evil feelings with love and mercy. And because of Your resurrection, I have new life. My old life is dead, because You have come and breathed new life into my soul. There is life only found in You, Jesus. Surely, I am so blessed to be led by You, my King. I can’t even imagine my time in this world without You now. I am strengthened by Your presence and have the power to resist temptation, because You are with me. This new life has hope for tomorrow, for You are leading me. Thank You Lord for Your great sacrifice for sins and Your resurrection. This is the reason why I live and have so much joy in my life. My faith is renewed just by knowing what You have done for us. I love You Lord. My hope and trust is in You, God. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (04/17/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that our faith will grow each and every day, as we seek You in prayer and Bible study. May Your teachings and counsel for our lives flow deep inside our hearts, that we may walk in Your ways. Help us understand the importance of enduring persecution and temptation. I know how hard it can be when we are afflicted by sin and by wicked people, but I know that we can endure such trials and tribulations with Your hand in our lives. You give me peace in these moments and I am made strong. Surely, You can do the same for anyone that calls upon Your Name. Even when Satan wants me to back down, You give me more boldness to carry on. It is truly Your love that carries me and others in these hard times. If anyone is blessed through my encounters, it is by the Holy Spirit that they are convicted. I love You Lord and I love my neighbor. It is truly a blessing to show Your kindness to the world we live in. May Your light shine through me and others, as we go out and proclaim Your great Name to everyone we meet. I want more people to come unto You, Jesus and be saved. I love You, Lord. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (04/14/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will learn how to honor and respect You as Lord of our lives. May we ever remember Your great Name as many lives challenges come our way. I know that You are our deliver and can lead us out of harm’s way and into Your love, if we but trust in You. In the good times and the bad, You want to be there for us, if we but seek Your hand in prayer. For this reason, my trust is in You, God. I pray that as I am a husband to my wife, that I may be an example of faith. That my love for You, dear Lord, will overflow in her life and my children’s lives. In this way, will they see my faith in You and also desire to believe themselves. And as I am ready and willing to do Your will in my life, may my wife confide in me and also follow in my footsteps. With You at the head of our marriage, I know that there can only be love and joy. Even my children will see this among us and have more honor and respect towards us. Surely Your ways are perfect, along with Your perfect plan for marriage. I just pray that I may ever continue to seek Your hand and make You the king of my life, as You have done this with Your Father. Then, will my wife confide in me the same way, and my children in us. Your ways are holy and lead us in the ways of righteousness. Help us have remain in Your joy, love and peace in our marriage, every day of our lives. Keep us in Your arms, dear Jesus. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (04/13/2019)

Lord, it is truly amazing to go into Your harvest and lead people to know You. It is a blessing to see lives changed and see them give their whole heart to You. In this life, my family brings me great joy but nothing is greater than being Your first hand witness for the gospel. Your Words bring me the greatest joy ever. Because Your ways are righteous and I am led by You, I am made clean through Your blood. My conscience is clear because You are working in my life. Not too long ago You came and heard my prayers and cleansed me of all my sins. And because of this, all my guilt and shame has been swept away. This life is so much better. I have discovered my spiritual gifts and You have strengthened me daily in them. Because I am made clean, going into Your harvest is not frightening but amazing in every way. I’ve been given great courage and boldness to proclaim Your gospel message. I love to start conversations with people about You, Lord, for I know there is salvation in the name of Jesus. And best of all, the Holy Spirit is able to lead me to the lost and give me words to speak to them. I may not have much to say, but Your words of wisdom flow through me and into the lives of everyone I touch. For this reason, I give You all the glory. I am only Your hands and feet and the people that are touched are affected by You, God. I love Your ways and give You all the praise. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (04/12/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that every Christian will stay separate from the ways of this world. It is one thing to witness to those people that are in sexual sin but another for Christians to also be a part of it. The ways of fornication, adultery, pornography and homosexuality will destroy a person inside and out, if they do not lean unto You in repentance. Surely, the wages of sin is death and these types of people are destroying their lives, as they walk in wickedness day in and day out. So I ask that You will stir inside their souls a renewed desire to call upon God, that You may break them free from their sins. May they find peace in knowing that there is still a way to escape this lifestyle. Surely, the world wants people to think that these things are OK and that they have nothing to fear, but that is only a deception and so wrong. For Your judgements are upon the wicked, lest they repent and come unto You. We may be filthy and be headed on a road to hell, because of our choices in life, but I know that in You, there is always a way out. With ever type of danger, You are able to lead us out of the mess we are in, that we may find rest. In sexual sin, there is no rest for the soul but continual torment, pain, guilt and shame. I know this to be true, as You found me in this sin and rescued me. Thank You for hearing my cries and leading me out of this lifestyle and into Your love. All I needed was to confess my sins with an open heart and Your mercy was for me. Now I am changed and can think and do as You would have me do in this life. What a Savior we have. You are so good to us. I love You Lord. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (04/11/2019)

Oh lord, we are thankful to be Your followers and to be led by You, our God and King. You are our Lord and we hear Your voice and obey. Through Your great counsel in our lives, we have guidance and direction. Our paths are made straight because You are here to intercede in our lives. We know that our own ways are destructive and only lead to death and we pray that we will always look to You, the author and finisher of our faith. May we not be caught up in the things of this world that only lead us away from You and into darkness. I know that I have been a victim of doing things, so many times, that have only brought pain and guilt in my life and I am sorry. Forgive me and every believer that comes unto You in true confession. I know that I am not free from sin on my own, but when I seek Your hand my life is strengthened and I am more able to resist temptation. Surely, Satan wants to take us down, but I know that You are stronger and can cast Him out of our lives, if we but trust in You. You are the way to salvation and I pray that I may never lose sight of this. May You ever be the light that guides me, for I am lost in my sins without You. I trust in You Lord. I love You God. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (04/10/2019)

Lord God, I pray that people in Your church will truly learn how to love one another. May their love for You grow beyond their own walls and into the lives of everyone they meet. As Your hands and feet, we are here to serve You and others equally. There is never to be less love for anyone in our company. This is because You are the vine and we are the branches. If we can’t get along with one another then we would not be able to fulfill Your calling in our lives and other people would suffer. So at this hour we pray that we will always abide in You and You in us. Lead us by the hand and give us boldness to speak to people. Open our mouths, that we may have meaningful conversations that are heartfelt. I know that we are incapable of loving the way we ought to, but with Your love and passion in our lives, every person that meets us will experience Your love like never before. Every ounce of fear and depression will be swept away and replaced with love and encouragement. I know God that this world would be a much better place if we started to truly live our faith out. You would be able to take us places like never before and allow us to help others in the church grow. May we always remember that every person that has faith in You is also Your child, that we may treat them this way. May kindness flow deep inside our hearts and onto every person that is in our midst. Thank You God for Your direction. Help us to always look to help others before ourselves. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (04/09/2019)

Oh Lord, it is such a blessing to know You and to call You my God. As I am a Gentile, I know that You opened the doors to us, that we may be saved. It is because You paid the price for our sins that all the world can be saved. Thank You Jesus. Surely, my eyes have been opened to Your goodness and grace. Without measure have You sacrificed Yourself for mankind, not wanting anything in return, but only our hearts. An open heart to Your gospel message of the cross and resurrection is enough to change everything in our lives. What we once knew can never stack up to the mercy and forgiveness that You have unfolded upon us. Where I lived in so much guilt and shame, You have come and given me total relief. I am no longer burdened over the things I have done, but am ready to go onward in faith. Nothing is holding me back from coming unto You now. As sin was my stumbling block, You have given me an ability to resist temptation. You have become my shield and my strength and I can do all things with Your presence in my life. Nothing can take me down when You are holding me up. I love You Lord. Surely, Your love is for all mankind. For all Israel and for the Gentiles. What a great God You are. There is no one like You. My trust is in the Lord Jesus, who saves. In Your holy Name, Lord. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (04/04/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that people that say they have faith in You will truly begin to walk in this belief and say things that are pleasing in Your sight. There are too many fake Christians out there, that my soul is very saddened. I do not want people that say they believe in You to one day wake up in hell. This would so awful for them to hear the words that You never knew them and then find themselves in this dark and fiery place. It surely would not be pleasant but terrifying and the anguish would be forever. This type of end to this life, I do not wish upon anyone. Instead, I pray for their lost souls. May they truly wake up to Your love, before it is too late. There is true hope that can only be found in You, Jesus, therefore, may people begin to seek You out on a daily basis, that Your presence may abide in them. In this, will they know Your words and commands and do what You say. You have the power to heal us from all our wickedness and wake us up to new life. This I pray for. May there be a revival in their souls. I know that it is so worth living a life that is for You and not this world. My life is so much better off. I have peace, love, Joy, and a sense of direction. I am truly happy, for I have found out what salvation is really like and that is a life that is found in You, Jesus. I am so blessed to be Your child and to be adopted into Your kingdom. My prayer is that many people will join me in Your heavenly home above, one day. I love You Lord. I trust in You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (04/02/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that every person in the faith will desire to live for You and no longer for this world. Break the chains of addiction in every person’s life that believes in You. May they no longer be in bondage of sin but find an escape in You, starting today. I know that as we walk in the ways of the world our flesh is carnal and our desires are far from You. In doing this, we are children of the flesh and are headed on a path to destruction. This I know because my life was like this for many years until I found You. In all my sins, I came unto You in prayer, having great sorrow for every wicked deed I had committed. I did not wish to live this type of life any longer and needed Your deliverance. Therefore, You took me in and showed me compassion. I did not deserve it, but You had mercy upon me anyways. Thank You Jesus. I know that You can see into each of our hearts and who is sincere in their faith in You. For this, I am grateful that You saw my heart felt desires to repent. If You had not come into my life and changed me from within, I would be so lost and heartbroken. Now, my life is alive in Your love. I am Your child and can look to the future, for You are able to do great things in my life. May Your Spirit ever be my guide and lead me in the ways of righteousness. I love You God more than all things. You are my delight. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (04/01/2019)

Lord God, I pray that we learn the importance of our faith in You and no longer do our own things to serve you. For I know that my own works are only filthy rags. I can do nothing of my own will to show my faith in You, but only through seeking You daily in prayer and Bible study will I know how to serve You better. It is not what I feel is good but what You feel is good in my life that matters. My ways are destructive but Your ways are righteous and pure. Therefore, I come unto You daily for a refreshing of Your knowledge and great counsel for my life. I know that I am weak but am made strong in You. Only in You, Jesus, do I know the way and am able to walk in it. My desires are to not only say that I love You but to demonstrate that same love in action, while doing what You say. So Lord, poor down Your Spirit upon me. Overflow my being with Your presence. Teach me to walk in Your ways. Lead me away from temptation and every wicked way. I do not wish to quench the Spirit but to be led by the Spirit. So please help me to walk in Your good works, that You have ordained for us all. I love Your ways and want to always do Your will and not my own. You are my Savior and I need You to take me by the hand and lead me safely home. I rely on You, Lord, for the safety of my soul. In You, there is salvation, and therefore, my heart ever wants to be with You and never leave Your side. I love You Lord. Amen.