Today’s Prayer (04/18/2019)

Lord God, I am so grateful to know You and to follow You. Thank You for suffering for my sins on the cross. I can’t even imagine the amount of pain you had to go through for my account alone. Surely You bore by burdens that they may be light in my life. I have forgiveness for my sins because of what You’ve done for me. Where there was only guilt and shame, You have come and replaced those evil feelings with love and mercy. And because of Your resurrection, I have new life. My old life is dead, because You have come and breathed new life into my soul. There is life only found in You, Jesus. Surely, I am so blessed to be led by You, my King. I can’t even imagine my time in this world without You now. I am strengthened by Your presence and have the power to resist temptation, because You are with me. This new life has hope for tomorrow, for You are leading me. Thank You Lord for Your great sacrifice for sins and Your resurrection. This is the reason why I live and have so much joy in my life. My faith is renewed just by knowing what You have done for us. I love You Lord. My hope and trust is in You, God. Amen.
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