Today’s Prayer (04/13/2019)

Lord, it is truly amazing to go into Your harvest and lead people to know You. It is a blessing to see lives changed and see them give their whole heart to You. In this life, my family brings me great joy but nothing is greater than being Your first hand witness for the gospel. Your Words bring me the greatest joy ever. Because Your ways are righteous and I am led by You, I am made clean through Your blood. My conscience is clear because You are working in my life. Not too long ago You came and heard my prayers and cleansed me of all my sins. And because of this, all my guilt and shame has been swept away. This life is so much better. I have discovered my spiritual gifts and You have strengthened me daily in them. Because I am made clean, going into Your harvest is not frightening but amazing in every way. I’ve been given great courage and boldness to proclaim Your gospel message. I love to start conversations with people about You, Lord, for I know there is salvation in the name of Jesus. And best of all, the Holy Spirit is able to lead me to the lost and give me words to speak to them. I may not have much to say, but Your words of wisdom flow through me and into the lives of everyone I touch. For this reason, I give You all the glory. I am only Your hands and feet and the people that are touched are affected by You, God. I love Your ways and give You all the praise. Amen.

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