Today’s Prayer (04/09/2019)

Oh Lord, it is such a blessing to know You and to call You my God. As I am a Gentile, I know that You opened the doors to us, that we may be saved. It is because You paid the price for our sins that all the world can be saved. Thank You Jesus. Surely, my eyes have been opened to Your goodness and grace. Without measure have You sacrificed Yourself for mankind, not wanting anything in return, but only our hearts. An open heart to Your gospel message of the cross and resurrection is enough to change everything in our lives. What we once knew can never stack up to the mercy and forgiveness that You have unfolded upon us. Where I lived in so much guilt and shame, You have come and given me total relief. I am no longer burdened over the things I have done, but am ready to go onward in faith. Nothing is holding me back from coming unto You now. As sin was my stumbling block, You have given me an ability to resist temptation. You have become my shield and my strength and I can do all things with Your presence in my life. Nothing can take me down when You are holding me up. I love You Lord. Surely, Your love is for all mankind. For all Israel and for the Gentiles. What a great God You are. There is no one like You. My trust is in the Lord Jesus, who saves. In Your holy Name, Lord. Amen.
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