Today’s Prayer (04/21/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray every person on earth will one day understand what You did for them on the cross. That You paid the price for their sins willingly that they might find mercy and grace. This sacrifice is the greatest of all mankind. You took upon Yourself our sins that we may be forgiven. And because You rose from the dead, we have new life. Every person can have hope in the resurrection and that when they die, they will rise also with You in heaven. There is no greater gift on earth than eternal life with You, Jesus. Everything I’ve ever wanted can only be found in You and Your presence. I know now that what this world offers is temporary and what I need is eternal. So all my treasures are found with You, my Lord. You are my delight and what I strive to be like in life. May my life live out to please You in every way. This I pray that the Holy Spirit will ever be with me and guide my path. Keep my strengthened all my days that I may not fall victim to sin and death. Shield every temptation, that I may always be filled with Your love and avoid the guilt and shame of this world. But with everything Lord, I know that my flesh is weak. I pray that in these difficult times that I fall, that You will come and lift be back up again. You are my Savior and I need Your help in good times and bad. I love You lord. You are my rock and my firm foundation. There is hope in Your promises. Amen.

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