Today’s Prayer (04/28/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that people of all ages, tongues and races may come to know You better. I pray for the lost, of which live in unbelief and sin and don’t even realize the dangers they are in. May they come out of the darkness and experience Your glorious light. As I once lived for the flesh, I know how the things of this world appear so good on the outside, but are only full of wickedness and abominations on the inside. Every person that is not being led by You now has some sort of sin that has taken them down this path, and if they are not repentant and have a change of heart, I know You will deal justly with them and cast them into hell. This truly breaks my heart Lord. I can see how lost this world has become and that most people are on a road to destruction. If they could just have a wakeup call, then maybe they would turn from their sins and follow You. The day that I did this was the greatest day of my life. Where I was heading down a path where there was only darkness, You came and heard my prayers and cleansed me of my sins. You saw me for who I was and who I could be and had compassion for my soul. And because I put my trust in You, my life is changed. I no longer look at women to lust but see them as beautifully made by the God above. For You are our creator and Lord of all. Every person that calls upon Your Name, there is salvation from death and hell. You are our deliver and can help every person, no matter the circumstance. Thank You Lord for leading me out of danger and into Your love. I owe all to You. I love You. Amen.

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