Today’s Prayer (04/24/2019)

Lord God, I pray that people’s hearts and minds would be more open to You this day. May they truly desire to know You and to honor You. In the world we live in, there are many people that would call themselves Christians but inwardly they are far from You. They may have been taught how to know and follow You but willingly decided to serve their own fleshly desires instead. And others may have been fed a lie, telling them that we can continue to willfully sin and still be a Christian and be saved. These things truly are disturbing and wicked indeed. I do not wish to see people go to hell, but instead I am forced to see this day in and day out. Lord, less and less people are willing to live out their faith and to follow You and my heart is burdened by this. They’d rather do their own things of this world than to live in Your perfect will. And the saddest thing is, they think that saying they believe in You alone, while living in sin, will get them to heaven. Oh, do they have something coming to them. A wake up call indeed in judgement. These thoughts are of the devil and need to be cast out of every person that thinks like this. So Lord, convict these people of their sins, that they may repent before it is too late. I know that You have the power to cleanse them and to heal them this day. So I invite You to come inside every person that is living a lie and do a mighty work in them. Lead them away from sin and into Your glorious light. May they experience Your great love and also understand their need to love You and their neighbor as themselves. Then, will You be able to lead them in Your perfect will. I trust in You God. Your ways are righteous and holy. I love You. Amen.
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