Today’s Prayer (04/14/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will learn how to honor and respect You as Lord of our lives. May we ever remember Your great Name as many lives challenges come our way. I know that You are our deliver and can lead us out of harm’s way and into Your love, if we but trust in You. In the good times and the bad, You want to be there for us, if we but seek Your hand in prayer. For this reason, my trust is in You, God. I pray that as I am a husband to my wife, that I may be an example of faith. That my love for You, dear Lord, will overflow in her life and my children’s lives. In this way, will they see my faith in You and also desire to believe themselves. And as I am ready and willing to do Your will in my life, may my wife confide in me and also follow in my footsteps. With You at the head of our marriage, I know that there can only be love and joy. Even my children will see this among us and have more honor and respect towards us. Surely Your ways are perfect, along with Your perfect plan for marriage. I just pray that I may ever continue to seek Your hand and make You the king of my life, as You have done this with Your Father. Then, will my wife confide in me the same way, and my children in us. Your ways are holy and lead us in the ways of righteousness. Help us have remain in Your joy, love and peace in our marriage, every day of our lives. Keep us in Your arms, dear Jesus. I love You. Amen.

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