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Category: Prayers (03-2020)

Oh Lord, thank You for bringing me out of a life of sin, that I might see what is most important in life. I know that throughout my life and even now it has not been smooth sailing, especially with my job situation and financial issues, but every day that I seek You, I am rich, indeed. Life has been a journey, and I am at peace because You are leading me by the hand. Continue to be with me Lord, for I am so empty without You in my life. I don’t need to find ways to be rich in the world, for I have found all the riches I need in You. You are the fountain that I come to drink from, for there is wisdom and knowledge found therein. Feed me each day that I seek Your hand. I am ready to feast on whatever You have for my life. Lead me, Lord. Help me know how to handle life, especially when it is hard. All I desire is to find the necessary wisdom that will help my journey in life. It is my prayer that as I am walking throughout this life, that You build me up with Your armor. Help me not fall victim to temptation, but keep me upright in Your righteousness. Pour into me Your holiness, that I may walk as You walked while on earth, Jesus. People may not like the things I say and do, but if You are leading me in that, then I am happy. Your peace helps me overcome all fear. Therefore, open my mouth and fill it with the words to speak. Help people understand that all wisdom comes from You. People can accomplish great things in the world's eyes on their own, but they can do extraordinary things when they trust in You. You take what we have already thought of and take it to the next level. Even things we would have never thought of before, You set our minds on. Thank You, Lord. I trust in You, God. I love You. Amen.
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Oh Lord, my God, I come to You, this day, in honor and praise. I glorify You Lord, and exalt You above all things heaven and earth. You are worthy! Thank You, Jesus, for all that You have done for me, and for all mankind. Because You came down to this earth as the promised Messiah, this whole world is different now. All the sacrificial offerings have stopped because You became the last sacrifice for sin on the cross. Things that led up to this day were prophesied of and fulfilled with Your birth, Your ministry, Your death on the cross, and Your resurrection. Everything was set in motion, even in perfect harmony, through Your will and mighty power. I pray that people will come to know and never forget what You did for us on the cross. If people would just remember You and then walk in Your ways, would they know that there is power in Your Name. People would find out that You are waiting for them to simply humble themselves before You, then would You open their eyes to the unseen world. Even in prayer, would You direct their paths. Even seeking You would bring them great joy in this life. Lord, we don't have to struggle in our sins, for if people would submit themselves to You, then You would help break those chains that have them bound. Even all our addictions would be a thing of the past, as people begin to follow You with their whole hearts. I am so grateful to not be in bondage of sin any longer. I am set free because of Your great love and mercy for my life. Therefore, all I want to do now is declare the Name of Jesus to everyone around me. You are the reason why I live my life, and I want everyone to know that if I can change, they can also. Repentance is not a burden but delivers us so much peace and comfort in the end. Thank You for forgiving me and for setting me on the path of righteousness. I love You, God. Amen.
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Oh Lord, thank You for making it known to us how this virus outbreak and other pestilences can be distinguished. The Bible is clear that we must all humble ourselves before You. Then, will people begin to trust in You and pray. Even people will start to seek Your face every day of the week and make You their God. Then, will people forsake their sins and come unto You fully. Lord, please make this known to all people throughout the world. People are very fearful of the coronavirus when there is a cure in plain sight. Do people not know that You are more powerful than all things? Do they not know that You can cause pestilences to fall upon the people, because of the wickedness of this land, and also remove it? Unfortunately, I know that we are in the last days and that You are coming soon. So I pray that Christians from around the world will come together and do these four things, as You have stated. Which is to humble ourselves, pray, seek Your face, and to turn from our wicked ways. As people do this, they will see Your hand in their lives. The wicked may continue to be fearful, but as believers, we will continue to be glad, even in these dark times. People may be staying home right now because of the warnings from our local governors, presidents, kings, and magistrates, but while they have this time off, it would be great if they would begin to do as You have said to us. As for me, I will continue to serve You, Lord. Wherever You will call me, I will go and serve You. I will not stand down, for You are my strength. I am shielded as I go out and do Your work that You have set before me. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I love and praise You this day and forever. You are the God of the heavens and I exalt You. You are the rock upon which I stand, and I have nothing to fear because You are with me. Thank You for the opening the heavens at Your resurrection, Jesus. It may have been a need to pray towards Jerusalem for a time because of the house of the Lord, but the veil has been torn since then by Your mighty hand. Access to the holy of holies, or where You dwelled, is for us all now. Thank You, Lord. Thank You for also allowing every believer to be grafted into Your fold. It is a privilege to be adopted in and have You as my Father, God. I don't have to worry about being alone any longer, for You are always with me. Just as a Father cares for his children on earth, You continually open the heavens and pour out Your blessings upon me. I know that I am not perfect, but strive to dwell in Your holiness. Even if I fall, You are right there to catch me, so that I do not willfully sin. Lord, I pray that more people will come to know You as I have. If people would just understand that You, Jesus, is the son of God, and Lord God of all, then they would be saved. However, the Muslims only believe that You are a prophet, so their faith is lacking. And Lord, the Jews still think the Messiah is coming, which I wish I could declare to them all that You have already come and died for their sins in the flesh. Their king has already reigned upon this earth supreme, of which You are now dwelling on high in the heavens. I know that one day You will return, in order to show Yourself to the children of Israel and to every believer. Even people of every cult and false religion will bow down before You. People will be fearful in that day, but those that are saved will be glad. I am so happy to know You, Lord, and to be walking on the right path which leads to heaven. I love You, God. Amen.
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Oh Lord, thank You for all that You do for me, God. Surely, Your mercy endures forever. As I rest in Your presence at this hour, do I sing out in praises to Your great Name. I exalt You, Lord. Let Your Name be lifted high. Here my voice and acknowledge me this day. Give ear to my words, for I am Yours. Above all else do I wish that You would do a work in my life. I do not wish to have my flesh get in the way of accomplishing Your will any longer. I acknowledge that You, Jesus, is my Savior and my Lord. Remember me now and forever, as I seek You each day in the Bible, prayer, and in doing good towards others. I will follow You wherever You lead me. Take my hand and guide my path in the ways of righteousness. Holy, holy, is Your Name, and I wish to dwell only in Your holiness. Make in me a clean heart, where the Holy Spirit can dwell in. I have cleaned out my closets so that nothing can come before You any longer. But if there is anything left in me that still defiles me, destroy it. Make me pure before You, so that the devil will no longer have his way in my life. Lead me from temptation, dear God. Build me up in Your armor, that I may fight the enemy with the Word of God, which is my sword and shield. I pray that I may not fall victim to the enemy, but always be found in Your arms. I am truly sorry, if I have wronged You, and wish to be made whole, once again. I love You more than this world can offer me. I know that the things that I can obtain in the flesh are only temporary, and my desire is to have Your love in my life at all times. Your joy is eternal, which overwhelms my soul with gladness. Thank You for delivering to me Your peace and Your mercy. I am forgiven because You are merciful and gracious to allow me into Your fold. I love You, Lord. You are my God and the rock upon which I stand. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I am grateful for the Holy Spirit, which is in me. Thank You for showing me things that I would not be privy to see otherwise. Even in my Spiritual eyes, the deceits of men are made clear now, where Your will is made evident also. It is my prayer that people will also see what I have in regards to the Mormon church. Lord, Just reading in 2 Chronicles 4 has helped me understand more that their teachings are man-made and not of You. How could they desecrate Your holy house by making the molten sea to be a place for baptisms for the dead? This is so evil, and because Satan has his power upon this cult, people cannot see how deceived they really are. Lord, if people in that church would just stop reading their Book of Mormon, but read the Bible daily, then You could unfold many things unto them. They would see that this molten sea was made for the washing of the priests, and for nothing else. And when it kicks in that manmade ideas were added to their religion, like baptisms for the dead, in order to appeal to their members, it will become repulsing in their eyes. God, their first prophet, Joseph Smith, who instituted these false teachings into their church has a lot to pay for now that he is dead. I know that You are the judge, but I pray that He will get what He deserves. I just can't believe that people in my family are tied down to this man-made church and cannot see the lies therein. It really saddens me to think that Your Spirit is in me, but that they don't have ears to hear. They have closed their heart off from anything I have to say, and I pray that this changes before death takes them. I wish many more people would be saved, including my family, who are in Mormonism. Lead them out of this cult and into Your light, oh Lord. I trust that You can do this. Make a way for me to speak to them once again. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I honor You this day and forever. I worship You now and give You praise. Thank You for leading me in the ways of righteousness. I prayed for Your guidance and You delivered. If I am wise in any fashion, then it is because You are with me. There is nothing good in me, except if it comes from You. I know that I am loved, and this brightens my day. Even when the storms of life are raging, You are here to lift me up. Your peace has come into my life like a fire, and my soul is at rest. Thank You for taking all the anxiety and all the fear. I am grateful just to walk out my faith and not to have to worry any longer about what others are thinking. For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ any longer. People can call me names and even hurt me, but I will stand tall among all this. For I know that Your temple is in me, and I will not let down for a moment, in order for it to be desecrated. I know what it took to build up this relationship over time and I would not give it up for anything. People can offer me the world and exactly what my flesh desires, but still, I will not let my guard down. Walking in Your holiness is what brings me joy. I love it when You are in my life, but hate it when You are not. Therefore, for me to be a worker in Your kingdom, I am ready to carry on the mission You have in my life. Help me stand strong in the faith like others have before me. There have been great examples of people in the faith that have died honorably for You, and I will also go out having endured in the faith. Lord, being with You in heaven is the ultimate prize that I am looking forward to. Sure, I wish my family and friends would also be saved, but I know that it is up to them to make the decision to follow You, Jesus. As for me, I can't wait to one day walk through the gates of Your temple in heaven or the new earth, whichever comes first. I pray that I will be found worthy to enter in. I love You, Lord. You are my God and I trust in You. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I love what is happening in your church right now. So many faithful men, women, and young adults are volunteering to serve You, that Your kingdom will go forth upon the earth. Even the greeter I spoke with at church on Sunday was so kind and loving in what she was doing. Not only was she willing to pass out the programs and different flyers, but she was also willing to stop and have a real conversation with me. Lord, I know that You need more people like her, who willfully volunteer their time to serve You with all their heart, mind, and strength. We may not have the most glamourous job, from what other people may think and say, but what we do is for the building up of Your kingdom on earth, and that makes us happy. No matter what people may think, every willing person is needed for Your church to thrive upon the earth. Every person is a part of Your body. We are all Your members and what You are calling us to do is great in Your kingdom. I just pray that You will continue to use me wherever I ought to be serving You, including street evangelism. I am ready to step in and make a change in this world for the better. And I know that with You leading me, I can finish well before my time is up. I do not wish to bow out early because of any circumstances, but leave this earth having served You till my final breath. You mean more to me than anything this world can offer. I've found freedom and joy that cannot be compared to. When I am in Your service is where I am the most joyful and Your light is shining forth. It is when Your presence is with me, that people are blessed and love is overflowing upon this earth. What we need are more people to serve You, then this world would be a better place. I love You, Lord. It is my prayer that people will step up to the plate and no longer be bystanders, while others are serving You faithfully. We need these people also, so spark inside of them an interest to serve You also. In this, I pray. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I know that You desire for every believer to come to You in prayer often. However, so many people are glued to their phone, tablet, computer, TV, gaming consoles, and other frivolous things. When asked if people are reading the Bible daily or praying often, they often come up with excuses, instead of an emphatic yes. This is really sad to witness, especially when family members complain about me reading the Bible with them. Who is it for me, who loves the Lord with all my heart, mind, and strength, to think that people want to ignore You God, who profess to believe in You. This really breaks my heart, God. I wish I could just wake them up from their slumber. Too many people are living for the world are in sin, when they ought to be living for You instead. Oh, how this generation is different from years past, where people used to look to You in faith, even each day of their lives. Where now people are mostly inclined to seek You on the weekends only. Lord, if people would just know that You are waiting to bless their lives, then maybe they would want to give You a chance. I do not wish to see people die in their sins and one day say, Lord, Lord, haven't we done all these great and many things in Your Name? To these people, who wish to justify their salvation come judgment day, has really missed the mark of seeking You while they had breath. You have taught me that it doesn't matter if I've read the Bible, prayed for many people, and even healed them through Your Name. What matters is what we are doing now for You. This is what matters most. So, Lord, I come to You now and ask for Your guidance and direction. Give me wisdom and knowledge, that I may know the right path to follow. I wish to be fruitful for Your kingdom in this life, and no longer give allegiance to things that don't matter come death. It is to do Your will that I wish this and not my own. I love You more than anything else. I trust in You, God. Amen.
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Oh Lord, thank You for first blessing me and my family with the things that we need. Because I have been given so much from You, I know it is up to me now to give also. How could I just take what You give and not also want to give back? I would be so selfish to be blessed by You and not be selfless in return. Lord, I know that I have the things I need in this life, in order for my wife and children to have a home, a car, and food on the table. For this reason, I am ready to give back to anybody who is less fortunate than I am. It is the least I can do to pack the trunk of my car with blankets, winter hats, gloves, water, snacks, Bibles, and gospel tracts, in order to bless anybody I see. No matter the money that goes towards all of this, I am ready to give back to people who have found themselves in hard times. And Lord, I know that Your church always has a need for tithes and offerings. For this reason, I will prepare myself, each weekend I go to church, in order to have the funds ready to give. Lord, I do not wish to give grudgingly but to always do this with a willing heart. I can see the great need for what the church I attend is doing in the world, and if my offerings can help out with what they are up to, praise God. It is my prayer that churches will continue to stay open every day of the week because of the generosity of its members. We should never be seeing churches close down because of a lack of funds. Lord, I pray that as I and other people open our bank accounts to the giving of Your house and others, that we will see the fruits from it. That people will be blessed and Your kingdom will go forth and flourish upon the land. I love You, Lord. How can I keep the money for myself and not give an offering back to You? For this reason, do I give. I love You, Lord, and to give brings me great joy. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I know that as long as You are there for me, then who could be against me. I have nothing to fear, for You fill me up with courage and give me the strength to live another day without being afraid of the outcomes of this life. As long as You are doing a work in me, then I am made glad. If you are not there, then I am sad. So, Lord, it is my great pleasure to do Your will and to keep Your commandments. I will remember what You have taught us in scripture and keep this counsel with me at all times. For I love it when Your words are in my heart, for they are also a light unto my path. I have direction because of prayer and the Bible. I do not have to worry about slipping and falling because of temptation, for You are there right by side. Therefore, as long as your presence is with me, I feel safe, even from the storms and trials that I face. The world may be crumbling before my eyes, but there is no need to fear, for You have me in Your arms. No plague can take my focus away from the God of the heavens, who gives me breath. I am alive because You have come and rescued me. Who knows what my life would be like now if You were not apart of it. I would surely be cast out, and if died, I would not be in a happy place, but be suffering for my sins in hell. Lord, You have heard my prayers and have had compassion for me. If I am happy, it is because You have forgiven me. Your mercy has set my life in motion and on this new path of righteousness. I know that there is much more for me to do in Your kingdom, and I am ready to serve You with all my heart, with a willing mind. But if there is anything in my life now that needs to be distinguished, then I repent of it. Make me aware of anything that doesn't belong in my life, that the Holy Spirit will be with me at all times and in all places. I wish to light up the world and have more people come to faith in You, Jesus, but know that I cannot do this if I am on my own. I trust in You, Lord. I love You, God. Amen.
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Lord, there is nothing more that I'd rather do than to honor and praise You. If I am doing anything on the contrary, please let me know right away. I do not wish to hurt You or to cause You to be angry with me. For I love You, Lord, with all my heart, mind and strength. Every move that I make in my life is for You. Take every evil part of my life away from me, that I may walk fully in Your sight. God, I surrender my life to You now and forever. I wish to no longer walk in willful sin, but to have Your Holy Spirit be inside of me at all times and in all places. There is no worth in the things of this world, especially if they do not honor You. How displeasing would it be for me to say this and to walk out my own life during the rest of this week and the future. I would be such a hypocrite to even go to church and raise my hands up high in worship, but then go back to doing things that I know are sinful. So, Lord, I am ready to give up anything that doesn't please You. Take everything out of my life that shouldn't be there now. Help me find and destroy anything in my house that defiles me and leads me far from Your presence. May the things I do during this week bring about fruit for Your kingdom, and not pleasure for my own flesh. My joy is found in Your presence and not what I can do on my own. So Lord, take me by the hand and lead me from here on out. I am ready to follow and to serve You. May I begin to experience what true joy and love are really like, day in day out. I love Your words in the Bible. They are a light in my life and my path is made straight because of the teachings therein. I confess my sins and pray that You will forgive me. I trust in You, Lord. I love You. Amen.
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Oh Lord, thank You for all that You do for me. I am so blessed, God. Even in these dark times that I live in, You are the one that lights up my life and causes me to not fear. How can I be afraid, for You have me in Your matchless arms? Each day that I trust in You, do You carry me away under Your wings, that I may be safe from the enemy. Pestilences and diseases may be round about me, but You are my shield. No storm that I face can take me downward when You are there pointing me upward towards heaven. As other people are full of fear, Your Spirit fills me with gladness. I have much to give thanks, even in these trials in my life, for You lift up my souls from the sting of death, and raise me into eternal life with You by my side. Even the angels are given charge over to protect me because they serve those people that honor You with their whole hearts. My refuge is found in the Lord. No place on earth can I be safe, but only in Your presence, oh God. The world may crumble at my feet, but I will fear no evil that is before me. You are my protector and I can do all things because You strengthen me in the Holy Spirit. The ways of darkness are before me, but Your light is brighter than noonday. As people fall by the wayside, I will stay upright. Thank You for keeping me in the ways of righteousness. I am never alone. Lord, I pray that You will also be the Savior for others in this world who are suffering and are very anxious right now. People need to know that there is safety and security found in You. You are the Lord of our salvation and are waiting on people to call upon Your Name, in order to be saved. I love You, Lord. I give You praise. Guide my path and keep me from harm's way. Deliver me from the evils of this world. I believe in You. I trust in You. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that everyone I know and love will soon find out, if they don't already, about my faith in You. I do not want this to be unnoticed from anyone that I associate with. And Lord, I pray that people will not just see that I believe in You because of the words I speak, but also by my actions. If I am not living my life out for You, then my faith is dead and not real at all. For how I can say that I love You and still be like everyone else in the world? How I can declare that Jesus is Lord, and continue a life of sin? So, Lord, I repent of all my sins this day. I do not wish to have anything left in secret any longer, but be in the open. Then, will people know the person I once was, and the person I am now am for You. I was once a liar, a fornicator, an adulterer, and much more until my heart was given to You fully. You heard my cries and had mercy for my soul. Now I know that You are real, because of all the many blessings that You have bestowed upon my life. If there is anything that I want to do now, it is to tell everyone about You, Jesus. I want people to know that there is a way out of a life of sin. There is no need to fear death. People can still be rescued from all their pains, their anxiety, their depression, their guilt, and their shame. For people that know me, it is one thing to know me as a good coworker, friend, brother, son, or relative, and to be known for my faith in You. I wish that no person would ever think that I was a hypocrite of what I said and not did. Instead, I wish my life would be an example of my faith in You, Jesus. I dedicate everything I do now and until I die to Your service. Whatever You would have me do in Your kingdom, I will do it. I love You, Lord. I trust in You above all things. You are Lord and I give You praise and honor. Amen.
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Lord, I pray that people will see the coronavirus as a plague in these last days. May they understand that we are living in dark times and to be prepared for Your coming. We don't want to be on wrong standing with You and die in our sins. It would be so fearful to wake up in hell when we knew the whole time that we could have repented. Lord, this virus outbreak is fearful for the unrighteous, for they are on the path of destruction. The righteous, whom Your blood has made us this way, are at peace, for we know that it is only a sign of Your coming, oh Lord. Surely, what we need is more witnesses in the world now, in order to declare the truth of God to the wicked. Just as John, call up people with willing hearts to prepare the way of Your Second Coming. Give us wisdom, oh Lord. Make us courageous for Your kingdom. Fill our hearts and minds with things to speak. We are made bold because You dwell in those people that love You. Lord, I know that right now people are panicking and buying all food, toilet paper, masks, hand sanitizer, and other cleaning supplies, but they cannot run from Your wrath. People can get all they need to feel secure when the world is crumbling, but really this is only a false sense of security. We can get all we need in life from the world and feel comfortable, but all this will fall apart come death if people are not for You. Surely, if people are not for You, then are against You. To these people, Lord, cause them to come to repentance before it is too late. There still is time, even in this great coronavirus pandemic for people to know You as their Lord and Savior. I love You, Lord. I trust in You for salvation. Lead me by the hand and help me stay on course. My only wish is to do Your will and be with You in heaven, one day. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that people will learn to listen and obey You, and also learn to give You honor and praise. How can we listen and obey You and not praise You in worship? How can we honor and praise You and not listen and obey You? This makes no sense, why we would want to do one thing and not the other. As true believers, we must also desire to love You with all our heart, mind, and strength. None of this can be lacking, if we say we love You, Lord. Therefore, we listen to You often, for we are Your sheep and can hear Your voice. And because we are Yours, we obey Your every word for us. It is like food for our souls and honey to our taste. We love everything You do for us God, and rely on Your blessings day in and day out. We follow You because You gave us a great example to live by while You were on earth, Jesus. So we ask that You shine Your light upon us, that many people will see You in us. It is amazing just to know that You are working in our lives and are able to bring us to this place of great joy. Therefore, we do lift our hands in worship to our mighty King. We honor You, Lord, through our songs of praise. If we sing out and play our instruments before You, it is to exalt Your Name on high. Your Name is greater than all other names. There is no one like You in the heavens and the earth. You are all-powerful, wise, merciful, forgiving, loving, kind, compassionate, caring, and considerate of our needs. You are our Father and will never forsake His children. Thank You, God. I love You so much. I praise You, Lord. May Your Name be lifted High. Amen.
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