Today’s Prayer (03/14/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that everyone I know and love will soon find out, if they don’t already, about my faith in You. I do not want this to be unnoticed from anyone that I associate with. And Lord, I pray that people will not just see that I believe in You because of the words I speak, but also by my actions. If I am not living my life out for You, then my faith is dead and not real at all. For how I can say that I love You and still be like everyone else in the world? How I can declare that Jesus is Lord, and continue a life of sin? So, Lord, I repent of all my sins this day. I do not wish to have anything left in secret any longer, but be in the open. Then, will people know the person I once was, and the person I am now am for You. I was once a liar, a fornicator, an adulterer, and much more until my heart was given to You fully. You heard my cries and had mercy for my soul. Now I know that You are real, because of all the many blessings that You have bestowed upon my life. If there is anything that I want to do now, it is to tell everyone about You, Jesus. I want people to know that there is a way out of a life of sin. There is no need to fear death. People can still be rescued from all their pains, their anxiety, their depression, their guilt, and their shame. For people that know me, it is one thing to know me as a good coworker, friend, brother, son, or relative, and to be known for my faith in You. I wish that no person would ever think that I was a hypocrite of what I said and not did. Instead, I wish my life would be an example of my faith in You, Jesus. I dedicate everything I do now and until I die to Your service. Whatever You would have me do in Your kingdom, I will do it. I love You, Lord. I trust in You above all things. You are Lord and I give You praise and honor. Amen.

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