Today’s Prayer (03/02/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will understand the need to get themselves right with You. It is one thing to say that they believe in You, and another thing to really follow You. What we do in Your kingdom or the world says a lot about the person we really are. So, as Christians, help people understand that this means that they are willing to be Christlike also. That they are now Your willing servants upon this earth. We are no longer involved with things that are of the world, which will lead us into darkness, but seek first Your kingdom, that we may choose wisely. Even our friends need to know what we stand for, which is doing Your will. People may not be happy when they realize that we are now Your disciples, but we cannot go around with a certain face at church, then what we do during the week. If we love truly love You, then it will be shown in our everyday life. Yes, Lord, You are the one that helps us live a life that pleases You and not ourselves. We can have this motivation to do what is right, but this motivation comes from You. These good intentions to quit doing things that are wrong is because You are in our life now strengthening us. Thank You, Lord. It is my desire to please You and to give You glory, not myself. I do not wish to have anyone follow me, but You alone. May I learn to approach people with the truth of God with respect and love. Help people know that there is a better life to be had, which is in Christ the Lord. We don’t have to live this life in fear, depression, anxiety, guilt, or shame, for You are our healer. Anyone that puts their trust in You will be healed from such things. Even members of the faith will be able to put their hands upon them, that they may be healed of sicknesses and disease also. We are Your hands and feet and I give You the glory. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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