Today’s Prayer (03/26/2020)

Oh Lord, my God, I come to You, this day, in honor and praise. I glorify You Lord, and exalt You above all things heaven and earth. You are worthy! Thank You, Jesus, for all that You have done for me, and for all mankind. Because You came down to this earth as the promised Messiah, this whole world is different now. All the sacrificial offerings have stopped because You became the last sacrifice for sin on the cross. Things that led up to this day were prophesied of and fulfilled with Your birth, Your ministry, Your death on the cross, and Your resurrection. Everything was set in motion, even in perfect harmony, through Your will and mighty power. I pray that people will come to know and never forget what You did for us on the cross. If people would just remember You and then walk in Your ways, would they know that there is power in Your Name. People would find out that You are waiting for them to simply humble themselves before You, then would You open their eyes to the unseen world. Even in prayer, would You direct their paths. Even seeking You would bring them great joy in this life. Lord, we don’t have to struggle in our sins, for if people would submit themselves to You, then You would help break those chains that have them bound. Even all our addictions would be a thing of the past, as people begin to follow You with their whole hearts. I am so grateful to not be in bondage of sin any longer. I am set free because of Your great love and mercy for my life. Therefore, all I want to do now is declare the Name of Jesus to everyone around me. You are the reason why I live my life, and I want everyone to know that if I can change, they can also. Repentance is not a burden but delivers us so much peace and comfort in the end. Thank You for forgiving me and for setting me on the path of righteousness. I love You, God. Amen.

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