Today’s Prayer (03/12/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will learn to listen and obey You, and also learn to give You honor and praise. How can we listen and obey You and not praise You in worship? How can we honor and praise You and not listen and obey You? This makes no sense, why we would want to do one thing and not the other. As true believers, we must also desire to love You with all our heart, mind, and strength. None of this can be lacking, if we say we love You, Lord. Therefore, we listen to You often, for we are Your sheep and can hear Your voice. And because we are Yours, we obey Your every word for us. It is like food for our souls and honey to our taste. We love everything You do for us God, and rely on Your blessings day in and day out. We follow You because You gave us a great example to live by while You were on earth, Jesus. So we ask that You shine Your light upon us, that many people will see You in us. It is amazing just to know that You are working in our lives and are able to bring us to this place of great joy. Therefore, we do lift our hands in worship to our mighty King. We honor You, Lord, through our songs of praise. If we sing out and play our instruments before You, it is to exalt Your Name on high. Your Name is greater than all other names. There is no one like You in the heavens and the earth. You are all-powerful, wise, merciful, forgiving, loving, kind, compassionate, caring, and considerate of our needs. You are our Father and will never forsake His children. Thank You, God. I love You so much. I praise You, Lord. May Your Name be lifted High. Amen.
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