Today’s Prayer (03/18/2020)

Oh Lord, thank You for first blessing me and my family with the things that we need. Because I have been given so much from You, I know it is up to me now to give also. How could I just take what You give and not also want to give back? I would be so selfish to be blessed by You and not be selfless in return. Lord, I know that I have the things I need in this life, in order for my wife and children to have a home, a car, and food on the table. For this reason, I am ready to give back to anybody who is less fortunate than I am. It is the least I can do to pack the trunk of my car with blankets, winter hats, gloves, water, snacks, Bibles, and gospel tracts, in order to bless anybody I see. No matter the money that goes towards all of this, I am ready to give back to people who have found themselves in hard times. And Lord, I know that Your church always has a need for tithes and offerings. For this reason, I will prepare myself, each weekend I go to church, in order to have the funds ready to give. Lord, I do not wish to give grudgingly but to always do this with a willing heart. I can see the great need for what the church I attend is doing in the world, and if my offerings can help out with what they are up to, praise God. It is my prayer that churches will continue to stay open every day of the week because of the generosity of its members. We should never be seeing churches close down because of a lack of funds. Lord, I pray that as I and other people open our bank accounts to the giving of Your house and others, that we will see the fruits from it. That people will be blessed and Your kingdom will go forth and flourish upon the land. I love You, Lord. How can I keep the money for myself and not give an offering back to You? For this reason, do I give. I love You, Lord, and to give brings me great joy. Amen.

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