Today’s Prayer (03/09/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will see the importance of reading not only the Bible but a translation that You have preserved over time. This version I know for a fact is the King James Version Bible. You called different men of God in 1611 for that amazing translation, which has made it through the test of time. People have tried to corrupt the Bible with other translations, but they are easily found out when people simply go back and start reading the KJV Bible again. There is nothing I’d rather rely on than Your Word, of which You have preserved from generation to generation. Thy Word is pure and anybody who defiles it is a liar. And what is sad is that it is hard to still find a good church that uses Your preserved KJV Bible anymore. I like certain churches that I have attended, but it always aches me from the inside out when I see the pastor using a different translation. I try to follow along with what is being taught in scripture, but words and phrases are so different that it gets confusing. And Lord, I know that You never meant the Bible to be confusing, but clear for the mind to understand. For this reason, I love to study the KJV Bible on my own time each day. I don’t have to worry about other people’s translations getting in the way and confusing me anymore. Lord, if pastors are reading this prayer, convict them of their sins, if they have also given up on using the KJV Bible. May they no longer put it down, but lift it up and use it in their church also. It is a lie from Satan to say that it is hard to read and understand. If people would just give Your Word a chance, then it would become a light unto their path. Thank You, Lord, for showing me this truth. I am so much happier since I switched to using the KJV Bible. Every word and verse has come to life. You have opened my eyes that I might see. Thank You. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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