Today’s Prayer (03/22/2020)

Oh Lord, I am grateful for the Holy Spirit, which is in me. Thank You for showing me things that I would not be privy to see otherwise. Even in my Spiritual eyes, the deceits of men are made clear now, where Your will is made evident also. It is my prayer that people will also see what I have in regards to the Mormon church. Lord, Just reading in 2 Chronicles 4 has helped me understand more that their teachings are man-made and not of You. How could they desecrate Your holy house by making the molten sea to be a place for baptisms for the dead? This is so evil, and because Satan has his power upon this cult, people cannot see how deceived they really are. Lord, if people in that church would just stop reading their Book of Mormon, but read the Bible daily, then You could unfold many things unto them. They would see that this molten sea was made for the washing of the priests, and for nothing else. And when it kicks in that manmade ideas were added to their religion, like baptisms for the dead, in order to appeal to their members, it will become repulsing in their eyes. God, their first prophet, Joseph Smith, who instituted these false teachings into their church has a lot to pay for now that he is dead. I know that You are the judge, but I pray that He will get what He deserves. I just can’t believe that people in my family are tied down to this man-made church and cannot see the lies therein. It really saddens me to think that Your Spirit is in me, but that they don’t have ears to hear. They have closed their heart off from anything I have to say, and I pray that this changes before death takes them. I wish many more people would be saved, including my family, who are in Mormonism. Lead them out of this cult and into Your light, oh Lord. I trust that You can do this. Make a way for me to speak to them once again. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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