Today’s Prayer (03/03/2020)

Lord, instill in us a heart to love everyone. Help us to not be biased in who we help, but that all people will be benefited because of Your love in us. I know that I am not the one who is doing any kind act, but You, Lord, who is in me. I just pray that people will recognize Your hand in these moments and not speculate if I am doing things for the good or not. All things are good that come from You. So abide in me at all times. Cast out any darkness, that You may stay awhile and abide in me, as I am in You. Light up my life, oh Lord. Take every evil temptation from my mind and heart and cast it far from me. I do not wish to have the enemy trying to take me down when all I want to do is serve You. His lies are not valid anymore, and I want everyone to know that if they would just trust in You for answers, that You would provide for them. People don’t have to wait till they die to receive Your blessings, for they are here for us now. You have amazing talents to give each one of us. Even Spiritual gifts that will take us to the next level in Your kingdom, Lord. If people could be filled up with the Holy Spirit, then they would not wish to live in sin any longer. Instead, they would be reaching out for You at every moment to find peace. Yes, Lord. You are our deliverer. Even us, as messengers, do we go forth in faith knowing that only You are doing the work in us and not ourselves. If we show love or kindness to someone, it is because You did this, and they are blessed because of You, not me. We are Your hands and feet, and I wish that we would all want to be Your disciple. Then, more people would be blessed. Some may not be happy, but the elect will be. I believe in You. I love You. Amen.

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