Today’s Prayer (03/16/2020)

Lord, there is nothing more that I’d rather do than to honor and praise You. If I am doing anything on the contrary, please let me know right away. I do not wish to hurt You or to cause You to be angry with me. For I love You, Lord, with all my heart, mind and strength. Every move that I make in my life is for You. Take every evil part of my life away from me, that I may walk fully in Your sight. God, I surrender my life to You now and forever. I wish to no longer walk in willful sin, but to have Your Holy Spirit be inside of me at all times and in all places. There is no worth in the things of this world, especially if they do not honor You. How displeasing would it be for me to say this and to walk out my own life during the rest of this week and the future. I would be such a hypocrite to even go to church and raise my hands up high in worship, but then go back to doing things that I know are sinful. So, Lord, I am ready to give up anything that doesn’t please You. Take everything out of my life that shouldn’t be there now. Help me find and destroy anything in my house that defiles me and leads me far from Your presence. May the things I do during this week bring about fruit for Your kingdom, and not pleasure for my own flesh. My joy is found in Your presence and not what I can do on my own. So Lord, take me by the hand and lead me from here on out. I am ready to follow and to serve You. May I begin to experience what true joy and love are really like, day in day out. I love Your words in the Bible. They are a light in my life and my path is made straight because of the teachings therein. I confess my sins and pray that You will forgive me. I trust in You, Lord. I love You. Amen.

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