Today’s Prayer (03/06/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will begin to seek Your hand, that they may be able to distinguish right from wrong in this world. The devil is so crafty and more often then not makes things appear to be good on the outside, although his plans are filthy on the inside. This only leads people that fall for his schemes to be guilty and shameful afterwards. This temporary pleasure that we get from lust and worldly treasures are good for in moment that we indulge in them, but these actions always have consequences afterwards. We are not only racked because of our sins, but people around us are also hurt by what we’ve done. People may also feel used and not trust us anymore because of the choices we made. And I know that Your wrath is upon the wicked, but Your peace is upon the righteous. People living in sin ought to repent and come to You in prayer while asking for forgiveness, lest they die in their sins and have to face You in judgement. This will not be a fun time, but very fearful, for they did not know You and now know the place they will be sent to for all eternity. And knowing this Lord, it makes me very sad to think of all the millions of people that are in this same boat. This world has become so filthy, wretched, and wicked, and it will take a life change to come out of the mess people are in. It will take Your hand to pull people out of the mess they have caused. And for people to regain trust in them, it will take Your mighty hand to pierce the hearts of people to forgive them also. As You forgive us as sinners, we are to forgive others as well. We do this because we love You and want to be forgiven ourselves. Who is it for us to keep grudges when You don’t do this when we repent? So lead us on Your path, which leads to heaven. May we depart from evil and get in right standing with You, starting today. I believe in You. I trust You. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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