Today’s Prayer (03/04/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will open people’s eyes to their sins and to confess their sins openly to You in prayer. Then, will they be desirous to do Your will instead. Too many people are focused on gratifying their own flesh, where Your will is being dishonored daily. People don’t even realize that their bodies are the Temple of the Holy Spirit, and if they do, they are mocking You in how they choose to live their lives If people are not seeking You in what they do and watch, then they ought to repent. I ask You, Lord, to wake people up to their sinful lifestyle. Help them realize that You can see and hear everything that is happening in their lives. So what they watch on TV, the computer, their phone or tablet, You can see it also. Even their music choices, You can hear it also. And if it is not uplifting and good for the Spirit of God, to dwell in then it is only leading them on a path of destruction. I am saddened to talk to many people that say they are Christians, but don’t give You much or any time during the day. Instead, they’d rather watch their favorite shows, movies, or play video games. It is like I have to remind people to seek You first in their lives, or else they forget. So it is my prayer that people no longer have to make it a goal to read the Bible daily or pray often, but to have this become a part of who they are for You. Surely, people either love You or they don’t. We cannot put on a certain face at church and a different one during the week. If we love and honor You, then our lives would be dedicated to follow You and to do as You say. This should motivate more and more people to get into the Word daily, that they may know what You desire for our lives now. We can think up things on our own, but if it is not Your will, then it is good for nothing. Lord, we need You to lead us and not our own selves. I believe in You. I love You. Amen.

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