Today’s Prayer (03/13/2020)

Lord, I pray that people will see the coronavirus as a plague in these last days. May they understand that we are living in dark times and to be prepared for Your coming. We don’t want to be on wrong standing with You and die in our sins. It would be so fearful to wake up in hell when we knew the whole time that we could have repented. Lord, this virus outbreak is fearful for the unrighteous, for they are on the path of destruction. The righteous, whom Your blood has made us this way, are at peace, for we know that it is only a sign of Your coming, oh Lord. Surely, what we need is more witnesses in the world now, in order to declare the truth of God to the wicked. Just as John, call up people with willing hearts to prepare the way of Your Second Coming. Give us wisdom, oh Lord. Make us courageous for Your kingdom. Fill our hearts and minds with things to speak. We are made bold because You dwell in those people that love You. Lord, I know that right now people are panicking and buying all food, toilet paper, masks, hand sanitizer, and other cleaning supplies, but they cannot run from Your wrath. People can get all they need to feel secure when the world is crumbling, but really this is only a false sense of security. We can get all we need in life from the world and feel comfortable, but all this will fall apart come death if people are not for You. Surely, if people are not for You, then are against You. To these people, Lord, cause them to come to repentance before it is too late. There still is time, even in this great coronavirus pandemic for people to know You as their Lord and Savior. I love You, Lord. I trust in You for salvation. Lead me by the hand and help me stay on course. My only wish is to do Your will and be with You in heaven, one day. Amen.
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