Today’s Prayer (07/31/2020)

Oh Lord, I love You and treasure every moment I have to be with You. The moment I was baptized is when the fire of the Holy Spirit entered me those many years ago, and it has not subsided yet. This was because You wanted to do more than be a part of my life, but to light it up also. There was so much darkness in me in times past, before I gave my life to You. I was on the road to destruction because of my lust, which caused me to commit adultery, fornications, and be addicted to pornography. Surely, I was a slave to sin for most of my life. It wasn’t until I humbled myself and cried out to You in prayer and forgiving me. Something has changed within me. You saw my intentions were real and that I desired to be transformed, and then started a wonderful work in me. Thank You for hearing my prayers and for doing something that I never thought was possible. I thought I was supposed to live a life where I have no control over my flesh, but just feel guilty each time I sin. However, everything is different now. You have put in me a hedge of protection and a sword of faith. I have armor in my life now, and it is because You are with me. My guard is no longer down but raised up to fight against the enemy at all costs. Surely, I did not know how to defeat my addictions and bad habits, but with the Holy Spirit in me, my desires are for You now and not against you. Therefore, I can withstand evil temptations that the devil throws at me, for You are with me. I am not a perfect person, but a person who loves You and wants to only do Your will at all times. Therefore, keep leading me on Your righteous path. I am incapable of walking it on my own. I love You, Lord. You are the way the truth and life. Therefore, I will follow You until the end of my days. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/30/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will really start thinking about who they are for You before they start doing things for the sake of their own flesh and the world. Too many people’s hearts are filthy and tarnished because of the things of this world, and they don’t even realize it. They don’t realize how much time they are wasting watching so much TV. Most of them are shows and TV that You would not watch with them, but still, they allow the world to fill them up with such wicked and vial things. Such things dishonor You and lead people to live in darkness, which goes against the light You give us. Even the video games people are playing on their phones and consoles are time wasters and very evil at that. These things have put the enemies clutches into people, that they have a hard time finding time to read the Bible and to pray. Lord, please wake these people up to know You before it is too late. Don’t they realize that the worldly songs they listen to are also killing any relationship they once had with You? Surely, what people put their trust in is either going to save their souls from hell and lead them to heaven or lead them to hell, where there is only destruction and pain. Jesus, I pray that people will turn from their sins and cry out to You for forgiveness. The evils in this world will not stop before Your coming, but the evil and vial things in our own lives can. We just need to start looking to You in real faith that actually produces good works. This will lead us to live a life pleasing in Your sight. What we need is more of You and less of us in our lives. We need Your holiness to take over our hearts, that we may live up to Your standards and not the worlds. I rejoice just to know You. You make me glad. I am so happy because You have saved me from my sins. I love You, Jesus. Never let go of my hand. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/29/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that more people who are on the path of destruction will stop in their tracks and follow You instead. Way too many people are headed to hell and don’t even realize, and I am afraid for their souls. I do not wish to hear of anyone I know and love to go to this place of torment when they die, but I cannot force their hand. I wish people would hear the words that You have put in my mouth, but too many people are slow to hear or have closed up entirely to what I have to share with them about You, Jesus. There is still hope for anyone that has breath in this life still, but people must humble themselves and come unto You fully to be saved. People cannot be partially for You and partially for the things of this world. Instead, people need to make a choice to follow You completely. Only then can You do a work in their lives and save their souls from destruction. Your ways are holy, righteous, pure, and also just. Nothing done in the flesh that is evil can go unpunished, lest people repent and turn to You in their sins. Then, can you rescue them, that they do not have to go through the torments that await them. Lord, I wish to see more people be saved and go to heaven. Surely, any person who could see heaven would no longer desire to be on their destructive path any longer but turn to You instead. There would surely be a three hundred and sixty-degree turn to following You. Lord, what I do not understand is how people can rationalize their sinful ways and still think they are saved and going to heaven. Don’t people realize that Your kingdom is pure and our sinful actions are not allowed there? Therefore, what people desire in this life, will they desire in the next. So they will not be allowed in heaven. It is my prayer that people will wake up to their sins, that they may repent and turn to You for salvation. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/28/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will understand the need to get right with You even after baptism. That they will know the importance of repentance and not just live their own life of sin. I am afraid that too many people who say they are believers are really on the road to destruction and hell when they die because of their unwillingness to repent. Too many people are caught up in very wicked things of this world like pornography, fornication, adultery, homosexuality, drinking to get drunk, idolatry, lust, covetousness, and the sin of unforgiveness and more. Truly, the devil has a stronghold upon people of this age and they don’t even realize it. His clutches are driven in so deep that He has caused people to be blinded to their sins, that they are now justified in their own sight. But how can this be, God? Don’t people realize that their bodies are Your temples and that You are a holy and just God? That no unclean person can enter Your kingdom above? We cannot be made clean on our own, but only be washed by Your blood, Jesus. I know that You are my Redeemer and Lord of my life. I can only be made clean by what You did for me on the cross. Therefore, I submit myself to You daily in repentance, that I may be washed from any sins that I have committed. I accept that some things I did were very wrong and I am very sorry. It is my hope that I will not continue to willfully sin, but if I fall into sin, that I will come running to You for forgiveness. Only You can give me clean hands and a pure heart. So please continue to do a work in me and guide me on Your path of righteousness. I wish to go to heaven someday but know that only You can lead me there, God. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/27/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that we, as believers, will be ready for Your return. I know that last night You opened my eyes to Your Second Coming and also the rapture in a dream, of which I am still amazed by. That vision has left me in awe just thinking of what took place. And I am so grateful to have been among those people who were being raptured up with You in the clouds. What this means is that my life was in right standing with You at this time of my life. So praise God that I continued in the faith until this day. Lord, all I desire is to be with You in heaven. I know that many times I do fall, but right afterward You pick me back up again. Sure, if I continued going down that sinful and proud track, I would not be ready for Your return. Instead, I would be where most everyone else was in my dream and that was in a state of shock and fear. But Lord, even though I was happy about Your return, I needed to also know that my wife and children were saved. That is why we prayed together in the dream that You would receive us all. Now, since the dream ended before I came to realize this or not, I pray that it will become a reality for my wife and my kids of being raptured up on that day. I would feel terrible if they were left behind with the wicked. So Lord, continue to be with us all until Your return. Help me to lead my family by example. My only desire is to see more people be saved, especially those people who are closest to me like my family. I pray that they will humble themselves before You and begin to look to You in faith. Then, can they also be washed by Your blood and be saved. Lord, I love You. You are my greatest joy of all. I give you praise and glory. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/26/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will discover You and find themselves in Your light. Too many people are living in the darkness and don’t even know it. They need rescuing and have no clue of the destruction ahead of them. Therefore, take these people who are ready and lead them by the hand. Bring good Christian people into their lives, that they may discover what following You really means. What I am seeing in this world are too many bad examples of what Christianity is supposed to be like. And now I know, Lord, why this is happening. Just as You can see every wicked and vial deeds from heaven, I can also see this in people all around me. Being in Your light helps me to know what is righteous and what is wicked. I can see every worker of iniquity and every worker of righteousness. And what is sad, is that I am not seeing very many people doing Your will, but are working for the devil instead. Unfortunately, he has his clutches in the majority of people today, including many so-called Christians. Because people do not live their whole lives for You, but only strive to one day of the week at church, we see people of the world and not in Your light. So, Lord, I pray that people of all ages, countries, and tongues, will finally understand the need for repentance. Then, will they finally be washed by Your blood and have no more desire to willfully sin. Because the Holy Spirit will be in them now, they will cling to what is for You and not against You. Truly, Your ways are holy, and as believers, we are to keep them holy in our lives daily. How could I desire to be saved if I still want to sin and be of the world? This goes against Your will and what we will not see in heaven. So Lord, keep me in Your light. Help me to be Your witness to this lost generation. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/25/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will all remember our calling as Your followers. That people in all the world who trust you will know that we are different than the world. You have raised us up from our slumber and we are now alive in You, God. Because You have taken us out of a life of sin, we are able to serve You with all our hearts. There is nothing left that is coming before You, for the Holy Spirit is in us now. I am so grateful to be saved and to be placed on Your righteous path that leads to heaven. However, God, I fear that too many people that say they believe in You are really hypocrites, where their two feet are in the world and not for You. Lord, these people still need a wake-up call and I pray that it happens in life and not in death. I wish to see more people be saved and obtain eternal life. I just can’t push these people to make the right choice in life, but only they can. So Lord, I just pray that more people that are true to the faith will be an example to them. That they will see You in us and also desire to follow You completely. I trust in You, Lord. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/24/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will ever be with me. When I rise from sleep, pick me up with Your mighty hands. Raise me up into newness of life and wash me clean through Your blood. Help me to know You even better than the day before. May I live every new day for You and not myself. Help me to gain Your wisdom as I look to the Bible and study it daily. Hear my prayers and know that I am sincere in all my questions asked. I truly need answers to things in life that I am struggling with. If it is a sickness that is plaguing my life, marriage issues, job-related issues, family issues, sin, or other trials I am facing, I need Your help. Help me to fight the good fight and never give up. Build me up in Your armor, that I might not fall. I know that You are there listening to this prayer right now, and I give You thanks. I rejoice just to know that You are there for me, and I do not have to worry about ever being alone again. Sometimes I don’t understand things until I lower myself down a little in humility. Then, can I see Your love all around me. Even the things I own and am blessed with are all from You. You have not left me comfortless, but is near me when I need You most. I am loved by my Father in heaven and by Jesus, my Lord. You are my God and I honor You. All blessings and honor to the God who saves. Lord, lead me to people in need. Help me to shine my light for all people to see. I wish to have people see You in me. If people can only see my actions and not Yours than I have failed You. You are my only hope and I pray that more people will come to You and be saved because of Your great example in me. I love You, Lord. I give You praise and bless Your holy Name. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/23/2020)

Oh Lord, I believe in You. You are the Son of Man and Lord God of all. It was prophesied of Your coming hundreds of years before it happened, and I am amazed how accurate your prophecies have been. Surely, Your mind is on an entirely different level than ours. Your wisdom is overwhelming and awesome in every way. It is truly amazing how You orchestrate different events on earth, in order for them to line up perfectly for Your prophecies to be fulfilled. The wind and rain are controlled by You and Your angels perfectly. Even the flowers that bloom in the spring are awe-inspiring. Everything is made so perfectly by Your hand. Nothing is like You. You are supreme in every fashion of the word. Lord, I am not worthy even to step in Your presence, but You have lifted me up and allowed Yourself to dwell in me. I have done so many bad things, but still, You have come and washed me clean while forgiving a wretch like me. I know that I cannot work my way to heaven, but simply put my trust in You and follow You. My own deeds that I perform are not important unless You are leading me in my actions. Surely, I can get caught up in doing tedious things and not even realize that You are not existent in them. I may have thought I was right in doing them, but there was no wisdom from You in doing them at all. Therefore, I ask that You will help me to never get myself in this same kind of traps again. Surely, the enemy wants me to believe that I am doing good when really You are far from me. So, Lord, I pray that You will take me by the hand daily and fill me up with Your wisdom. I only desire to follow You now and be used by You in Your kingdom. Your relationship is what I need to find true happiness, love, and joy in my life. You are my rock and my firm foundation. I love You, Jesus. I give You praise, my Lord and God of all creation. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/22/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will all become more caring and considerate of people’s needs. We need more people who are kind and loving, in order to outweigh all the evil in this world. I fear that too many people are suffering because of different trials, and there is no peace to be found. This would not be the case if people in the faith were looking past themselves, and to helping people instead. More people would be cared for if people did more than read the Bible and pray, but also do as You have said. I can imagine a world that is much different than we have today if people really trusted in You and did what You say. Sure, many people would no longer be as wealthy or have the amount of time they have for themselves now, but what they are doing for others would outweigh everything they had and did in this life. What I’ve learned is that in Your service is where true joy is felt. There is joy for the person who is prayed for and helped in what they need, but also the person who administers to them. Surely, my soul has been lifted up while in Your service much more than I have ever been lifted up when I was just gaining wisdom for myself in Your Word. I love to learn from You but I would be selfish if I wanted it all for myself. I don’t even know how I could continue believing I am a Christian if I did not want to also bless others with the knowledge and gifts that You have given me. So, Lord, please wake people up to truly love You, for if they did, then loving their neighbor would come naturally. You are my rock and my firm foundation. How can I be judgy or accusatory, but only show comfort when You are with me? My life is different because You are leading me. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/21/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will begin searching the scriptures for themselves. We can learn so much from church and the sermons and teachings therein, but so often things are left out of their teachings. Not everything that is in the Bible chapters and verses are actually taught, and cannot be taught on because of time. Even specific chapters in the Bible are often missed, which is sad but true. However, this does not mean that we as Christians should only be privy to things that are taught in church alone. If we love You, then we would also do our own research and study Your Word. I cannot think of anyone who is true to the faith and is not also reading the Bible often. For if they were, then they would only desire to be led by what is spoken in scripture and in prayer. Our desires would not be our own, but what we can gain from heaven. Lord, I am grateful for people in scripture like Elisha, who really desired to have the Holy Spirit in his life. It is remarkable that before Elijah was taken up into heaven in the chariot of fire, that Elisha desired to have a double portion of the Holy Spirit with Him. Then, he would not only carry on what Elijah left for Him but do so in the service of God and not man. Lord, I read the Bible because Your words are life-changing. How can I read them and still desire to willfully sin? I cannot. They convict me of my wrongs, that I might repent and get back on track with You again. God, I no longer wish to live this life on my own accord. Because I have found You, and it is beautiful in every way, I want more and more of what You can teach me. So I pray for more wisdom and knowledge to be poured out upon me. I love You, Jesus. You are my Lord and my God and I praise You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/20/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that as believers, we will have the protection from Your holy angels. I am grateful to know about them in scripture and wish to also be protected by them at all times. I know that one day we will see Your holy angels first hand, but I pray that You will send them to me and my household today and forever, that we will grow stronger in the faith because they are there with us. I love You Jesus and know that what You have done for the prophets and saints of old, by sending Your holy angels to help them, You can do the same for us as well. You are the same yesterday, today, and forever, and love us the same as You have loved Your people in times past. Therefore, I trust that I can be healed from my illness because of an angel or prayers of Your saints. Through this, I can be restored into new life and be made whole. You can heal people through men and women of God who trust in You and are willing to be Your holy vessels on earth. However, only a few people reach out to You to be Your willing servants. Therefore, many people in the faith suffer in their sicknesses and grief throughout their lives. So many people, God, are chronically ill with no way out but death that is close at hand. To this, I pray that if it is Your will that more people will be healed and not have to suffer for years until their death. This is a terrible way to die, and I pray that angels and saints of God will come and restore these people into new health. We don’t do this on our own accord, but only by Your might hand. We don’t deserve any glory but give it all to You. You are worthy of all our praise and glory. We honor You, God, and lift You up high. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/19/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will begin to put You first in their lives. That they will desire to do what You command them and not what the world desires. What is right has been flipped upside down in this world, while what is wrong has been elevated. Lord, the news media has made homosexuality seem ok and justified in this world. Even abortion is not condemned, but clinics are freely open to kill unborn babies at will. These two things are so awful and so is the third thing that I will address. Lord, pornography is all the rage now with young children and adults. It is freely accessible, which Satan has his hooks on each of these people. And what really saddens me is that Christians are involved with these abominable and wicked things. Many people also do not care about the music, the tv shows, or movies they are watching. They have not allowed You to filter their lives choices, so it has been left for their flesh to choose. Lord, I know that many people that say they believe in You are really living a life apart from You, therefore, there will be a wake-up call come judgment day. I know that people do not care or believe in their day of judgment. It won’t matter to these people until Your wrath sets in, in their hearts, and they are left in fear of the lake of fire. There will be many tears shed that day when people hear, “I never knew You,” “depart from me”. This will be so awful. So, Lord, I pray that people will be awakened into a new birth with You in their life. Renew them in the Holy Spirit. Take them out of a life of destruction and place them on the path of righteousness, which leads to heaven. I wish to see more people be cut loose from their sinful life and be saved. This is my heart’s desire to lead people to know You, Jesus, as their personal Savior. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/18/2020)

Oh Lord, thank You for this blessed day. Thank You for preparing our paths ahead of us. It is better when You are giving us the help we need and not the world. Your ways are higher! I know that people will fail us over time, where only Your desires for us will continue for all time. There is no end to Your mercy and grace. People can say terrible things about us, but we know that we are blessed even more when we are reviled and persecuted for Your sake. All I know is that this life is short and people around us need our help. They need Your love to enter their lives, that they may also be born again and be saved. We don’t come at them with accusations about sin but lead them by the hand to Your heavenly home. Then, can You convict them of anything that is wrong in their lives. Only You know the inner parts of our heart, where we should not be judging anyone wrongfully. Accusations are felt as mocking to the innocent, and as Christians, I pray that we will not give in to such things. Lord, keep us on Your holy and righteous path. Keep us conformed to Your ways and not the world. I wish to be with You forever in heaven one day. May You accept me in Your presence now and for all eternity. I love You, Jesus! You are my Lord, God, and Savior. I give You this life to serve You. I give You glory and praise. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/17/2020)

Oh Lord, thank You for this life that I have lived. Thank You for filling it with my beautiful family, my wife, my children, my friends, and my co-workers. I have been so blessed over the years and I cannot begin to thank You enough for the life lived already. If I were to go today, I know that I will be with You forever. In this life, I have trusted in one thing more anything else and that is You, God. You are my rock and my firm foundation. I have been blessed with such amazing people and an abundance of great things, but that cannot take the place of You in my heart. You stand supreme above the rest. One thing I wish all the world would know is that You, Jesus, is our Redeemer and the Savior of all. There is salvation only through Your Name, and no one else. There are many counterfeit paths in this world, which all lead to destruction, but I pray that more people will be delivered from such evil and wicked things. Only through the Holy Spirit can people find what is the best thing in this world and that is having Your presence with us at all times. We cannot find everlasting joy from the things of this world, but only what You can offer us. I have found peace that is beyond comprehension. You have delivered unto me comfort that I could not find anywhere else. Even my hope has been restored, because of the wisdom that You have given me and not anyone else. If I am made new, it is because of Your mighty hand. I love You, Jesus. I can’t wait to see You after this life is all set and done. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/16/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that more people will become a shining light unto those who are suffering. That, as believers, we will become a beacon of hope unto those who are going through some rough time. It could be because of a marriage on the rocks, a job loss, financial issues, a death in the family, and personal reasons like sin and addiction. No matter what the cause is for people’s misfortune, we lift these souls up to You, God. We ask that You will deliver to them the comfort and peace that they need to go on in life. We don’t wish any of them to fall deeper in depression and guilt but be set free by Your mighty hand, oh Lord. You are mightier than what is afflicting people now, and I pray that You will become their firm foundation. May they never lose hope in You, who saves. And I know that this can only happen if people continue to look to You in faith, no matter what has happened in their lives. So I pray that You will lift people up and take all their cares and worries, and rest them upon Your shoulders. Give us the opportunity to do things for them, including pray with them. I just pray that more people would be open to prayer, for it is a blessing from heaven upon them that believe, even unto those in their house. I believe that You have great things in store for people, even though everything may seem lost at the moment. You have the power to restore them into a new life, where only Your peace, joy, hope, love, kindness, comfort, compassion, forgiveness, and mercy resides. I believe You can do all things, Lord. I also know that we are to be Your shining lights unto all people, especially those who are suffering. I believe In what You can do through us, in order to bless other people’s lives. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/15/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people who are lost and have lost hope will rediscover You in a new way. That they will also find good Christians who will fellowship with them. Lord, many people are suffering and have already lost hope in this darkened world and we need good people to step up to show them comfort. It is hard enough to see people struggling in life and to also see them died this way. So God, help us to gain a heart of compassion, kindness, love, mercy, and forgiveness. I know that only You can deliver these God-like attributes into our lives. I can try to do all I can on my own, but I will always slip up and say and do the wrong things, which I always regret. Therefore, Lord, lead me and others in the faith by the hand. Help us do and speak with the Holy Spirit leading us. I know that more people will be blessed and also experience Your love through us if we would just trust in You and go forward in faith. It is when we are complacent and happy with our own lives that we tend to forget that other people are in need of our help. Therefore, I pray that You will put people in our minds who need to be called on the phone and visited. That we may talk with them in love, help them, and also pray for them. May we also seek the needs of our church, to know who they recommend we should help. All these things are well and all, but I pray that people will desire to do what You ask of them. Even in these dark times that we live in, there is still a glimmer of hope that we can showcase in these people’s lives. We can light up their room and scatter the darkness because You are with us. Thank You, Jesus. I believe in You. I trust in You. You are my rock and I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/14/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray for peace in this world of uncertainty. Help people who are suffering find the peace and comfort they need, in order to carry on in life. I know that life can be hard, especially when it comes to job losses, financial issues, marriage issues, a death in the family, and more. Even sin can certainly be a factor as to why people are so depressed. When we are broken down because of this lost world we live in, there is no rest for our souls. We have tried all the different outlets and have only had temporary pleasure, but nothing lasting to take home with us. Surely, all that comes out of the world’s offerings is more pain, grief, sadness, guilt, and shame. I know that these feelings can devastate a person enough to be depressed and commit suicide. So, Lord, I pray that people will find rest in Your presence. If it is them finding You in prayer, praise God. If it is them finding You through other Christians, praise God. Surely, we as Christians have a great deal to do in Your kingdom. And if we think that we are comfortable with what we are doing already, I know that You have something coming to us, that will catch us off guard. For there is always someone to comfort. There is always someone who we can help. We are a light unto this world, and I pray that more people will be lit up to serve You, in order to do Your will. People are suffering and we need Your help to find these people and to deliver them Your peace and comfort. May there be no more pointing fingers at the innocent or guilty, but only forgiveness and mercy, just as You have forgiven us. These things I pray, in Your mighty Name, Jesus. I love You, Lord. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/13/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will continue to seek You, even until their very last breath. Right now there is fear in the air because of the Coronavirus and I pray that You will help come into these people’s hearts and calm the atmosphere. People need Your peace in order to help them know that things can only get better if You are in control of their lives. We can try to weather the storms on our own, but we will continue to fall. We don’t have the strength, God, to live this life on our own. Therefore, breathe upon all Your saints Your Holy Spirit. Keep us righteous and holy, and upon Your path. Keep our eyes fixed upon the prize, which is heaven, and not what the world is offering. Lead us from temptation, that we may not fall victim to sin and turn out to be just like the unrighteous. Surely, there is eternal damnation prepared for the wicked, while everlasting life for every true believer. However, I fear that only a few people will be saved. That there will be more people who proclaim to be Christians not written in Your book of life. This really pains my soul just thinking this. I pray that people’s names are not blotted out of Your book because of their sins, but that people will cry out to You and forsake their sins before it is too late. It is not worth gaining some pleasure in life while being separated from You for all eternity. This would be awful. So Lord, thank You for leading me on Your righteous path. I know that I falter, but I desire more than ever to walk in Your holiness and be nothing like the world is. May Your ways always be my ways. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/12/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will become sincere in our faith. That we will no longer just say we believe in You, God, but also desire to follow You and keep Your commandments. I see too many people that simply appear religious one day out of the week, but are just like the unbelievers the rest of the week. They have not been fully converted, or else their desires to live in sin would have been stopped by now. Lord, what I desire is God-fearing people, which is very hard to come by in this lost generation. People who really love You with all their heart, with all their mind, with all their soul, and with all their might. That everything they live for is formed around a life lived for You. Surely, people in the church community would be so different if this was the case. People would be happy to invite each other over for dinner, for Bible study, for prayer, and for service for God. Praying for people would come easy, and our communications would also be elevated. Surely, people would desire to have more face to face conversations with others, then using their smartphone for calling and texting. Even our children would know You as their one true God also. It would be an awesome world to live in if more people were genuine in their faith. Lord, help people know that this life is short and that soon we will all go to our graves. I just pray that people will start looking to You in faith, by obeying Your commands, before this day comes. As for me, I am ready to receive You. I love You with all my heart, my mind, and my soul. With all my might do I worship You. I live my life to honor You and to do Your will. I pray that my children and my wife will also be saved. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/11/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that I and other fellow Christians will be slow to speak and quick to call upon Your Name for what to say to people. Many times I have put my foot in my mouth by what I have said to people and I am so sorry. I did not wish to hurt or offend anyone but still did this because of my vain wisdom and pride. The only thing these people wanted was to have a little encouragement and instead, I instilled in them fear, animosity, and heartache. Wow, how far did I fall in these times of pride. I needed to be humbled and You did this for me. Truly, this was me seeking my own wisdom outside of Yours, and I am so sorry Lord. Thankfully, You have taken me from this place and changed me from within. Now, I am able to hear people out and not say things that I know will hurt them in return. Instead, I am able to respond to people’s questions and concerns with love and comfort. I may not agree with certain people’s belief systems because they are unbiblical, but I do know that what they believe in means the world to them. Therefore, it is my only desire to instill in people like this new wisdom from above. Not to put any people down, but to bring them all to know You, Jesus. And when people are suffering because of sickness, death, loss of a job, financial issues, and more, I will go to them with Your presence with me. Even as I am caring for their needs, I pray that they will see You in me. May every person that is suffering be comforted in Your mighty Name, Jesus. I love You, Lord. You are the way the truth and the life. I give You the praise, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/10/2020)

Oh Lord, thank You for this life. I know that I have lived many years already and my life could soon be over. I cannot count the days of my life that are left, but only You can. All I know is that they are numbered, just like everyone else’s. And just as Job suffered and thought about his own death, I do the same. Even now my throat is killing me because of the congestion buildup, which I know You can still heal me. However, if it is not my time to be healed, then I also understand. No matter when You take me, oh Lord, will I be ready. If I die after suffering in pain, I will be ready to receive You. If I die in my old age, while I am sleeping, I will be ready. My life is dedicated to serving You and doing Your will. If I am blessed with many more days to do this, I will be glad. And if I don’t have this chance, I will be glad also. For the day I take my last breath, will I enter Paradise and await my time for judgment. I will cherish the day that I will soon see You, my Lord, and Savior. Nothing in this life has meaning without You in it. Therefore, it will be a blessed time to spend with You for all eternity in heaven one day. Until then, Lord, be with me and my family all mine and their days. Help me to continue raising my children up to follow You. I can’t wait for the day that they give their lives to You also for salvation. I Love You, Jesus. I give You praise and glory, this day and forever. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/09/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray for more people who are genuinely interested in being helpful to people who are in need. People who can see those who are suffering and no longer desire to back away, but to jump forward to help them. And when these people come into the midst of those who are in pain, that they will have prayed to You first. It is so important that we come into people’s homes with Your peace round about us. For how can we help anyone, when there is still evil thoughts, anger, or animosity in our hearts. How can we give a word of peace and comfort, when Your joy cannot be found within us? So, Lord, I pray that people will begin seeking You often in prayer and in Your Word, the Bible. Then, will they know how to act for You and not for themselves. They will be a light unto this world, and not a distraction. They will carry forth Your love and compassion, and put aside all their evil thoughts and intentions at the foot of the cross. Even then will You take a person who is backslidden and not entirely in the faith, and revive them once again. We cannot do this for people but only lead them to the one true God of the heavens, which is You, Lord, who can save them, and also change their lives forever. So as people’s lives are restored in Your great love, I pray that they will desire to be used by You and become a worker in Your kingdom. That they will become a person who desires to bring good tidings to everyone around them. I know that I am not good unless the Holy Spirit is with me and guiding me by the hand. Therefore, I give You glory and praise for changing a wretch like me to follow You and be saved. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/08/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that every true believer in You will also obtain Your wisdom and understanding. That we will be able to know the differences between the wisdom of this world and Your wisdom from on high. Many times what is right and what is wrong is blurred and hard to distinguish. However, our minds are opened and made clear when You are leading us by the hand, not the opposite. Lord, it is Your love and desires that I want in my life at all times. I have experienced what the world offers and it is always temporary with guilt associated with it. Temptations seem so good on the outside, especially when it brings out the lusts of the flesh, but all this is evil on the inside. Every time we give ourselves over to our lusts there is always regret, especially for people that believe in You. Lord, I know that this life is hard, especially when our flesh desires things that our spirit does not. This war inside of us needs to be tamed and that is when Your armor and the Holy Spirit come into place. Your will power helps us fight the good fight and win the battle against the forces of the devil. It also helps us love others as You love us. It helps us forgive one another as You forgive us. It helps us show compassion, just as You have shown compassion towards us. If there is peace that comes from us and into other people’s lives in need, You have done it all. We are Your servants and can only do good if we are abiding in Your awesome presence. Lord, please help me and my fellow brothers and sisters in the faith. Lead us by the hand and safely carry us on Your righteous path. May our light so shine before men, that they may glorify You, who is in heaven. I love You, Lord. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/07/2020)

Oh Lord, thank You for this life. Thank You for the health that I do have. Thank You for helping me through these rough times, though I don’t always deserve it. Thank You for coming to my rescue when temptation is strong and my flesh cannot resist. Thank You for leading me far from the enemy’s hand, that I might live for You in purity and righteousness. Thank You for the Bible and how it has led me to live an entirely new life for You. I once thought I knew the right things to do, but now my eyes have been opened to what Your Word says. This way I can live this life and know that my ways are according to Your Words and not my own. Lord, all I desire is to honor and please You. I don’t live this life for myself, but to lift You up in praise. If people can see You in me, that is what I desire. Then, will they give You glory also. Lord, help me to never prejudge somebody when really they were innocent the entire time. I would feel terrible if people became hurt and depressed because of what I said to them. Therefore, may Your love envelope my life, that people in trials will obtain Your peace poured out from me. Cast out all their fears and renew them In the Holy Spirit. Lord, I know that if You are leading us, even the trials we are facing now will all make sense. We will have a reason to carry on, and not want to end our lives prematurely. Truly, to endure in the faith and die faithfully for You is what You have called each of us all to do. Who will do this? That is the question that I present to people, and pray that more people will also ask this about themselves. All I desire is to see more people be saved and go to heaven someday, not be damned and go to hell. Where You are, that is where I long to be. I love You, Jesus. I give You glory and praise. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/06/2020)

Oh Lord, thank You for creating me. I know that my life is one in a billion, but still, You cared enough to breath life into my soul, while in my mother’s womb. I am like the sand of the sea, but still, You care so deeply for my life like anyone else. How could You care enough for me when billions of other people also alive and breathing? I will never understand how I am still important in Your eyes when there are so many other people that need Your attention. All I know is that You are my God and I am grateful to have Your presence in my life. There may be trials in my life, but still, You come for me and carry me through the storms of life. I am not left alone, for You are always there for me when I need You. How awesome is it to think that You can hear all of my prayers and others from around the globe. Surely, You can see who is living for You and who is living for the flesh and sin. You can see who is trusting in You for salvation and who has already given up on You. There is nothing that happens in life that You are not aware of. Everything is an open book. Even our names are either written in Your book of life or they are nowhere to be found. As for me, Lord, I pray that my name is written in Your holy book and will stay there. All I desire is to live for You and do Your will. Nothing in this life matters unless You are there with me. If there is love, kindness, patience, forgiveness, patience, and boldness in my life, You have made it happen. Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Lord. I give You praise and glory. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/05/2020)

Oh Lord, thank You for Your beautiful creation. I am amazed at the wonders I see in space and know that it was all done by Your mighty hand. Scientists all around the world are slowly identifying the different stars and constellations and thinking they know the reason for them, where it was always known from the beginning. You are our creator of all things heaven and earth. The glorious and magnificent things that we cannot comprehend has life because of You, our maker. When You call out, all things that are created obey Your voice, except for humans. We are formed in Your image, oh Lord, and I am so grateful. Just looking in the sky is beauty without any comprehension. The mountains on the earth shake before Your face. Everything that was formed on earth is subservient to You. Only we as humans are disobedient to our maker when You only have good things in store for us. I will never comprehend the reasons why there is so much anger and hostility in this world, when Your love is able to usher in peace and joy into our hearts. You are able to change the atmosphere if we would just look to You in faith. Surely, You know our thoughts and our intentions. You can see who is really looking to You in faith and who is not. So many souls are lost and on the road to destruction, but there is still hope for them. I pray that the Holy Spirit will convict these people of their sins, that they will repent and turn to You today. Lead them to people who truly love You and live for You also. Then, will they see a good example of the faith and run to You also, Jesus. Thank You, Lord. You are the maker and Lord of my soul. I am Yours, dear creator and God of all. Take me into Your mighty arms and lead me into Your light, even all my days. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/04/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will be more loving and less judgmental. That we will be more kind and considerate of people’s needs and less about our self and what we desire. May our knowledge come from You and not from our own thoughts and the thoughts of this world. There is so much I still need to let go of which does not come from You, and I know that many other people need to do the same. So often do I pray that Your thoughts will be my thoughts. That my mind will be filled up with Your wisdom and knowledge. That I will see people in need and jump to help them, and no longer be hesitant about it. May there be fewer people who suffer with no person to lean on, but that Your children will come to these people in droves. I am speaking of people who need our help on the streets who are homeless, those in jail or prisons, hospitals, assisted living facilities or nursing homes, and in people’s homes. So many people are suffering because of sickness, a death in the family or friend, loss of a job, financial issues, marriage problems, family issues, and more. We have people hooked on drugs and are addicted to terrible things that are drawing people away from You. I can see the evils of this world and my heart sinks just knowing that it is affecting people who love You. For this reason, will I seek those out who are in need of our help, plus our prayers. How can I live this life building my own life up, while other people are suffering? This pains my soul just thinking about people all around me who are less fortunate than me and my family. So I pray for their needs and cry out to You for love, comfort, and peace to fill their souls. If these people are near me, lead me to them, that I might be a beacon of hope and lead them to Your presence, oh Lord. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/03/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that I and other Christians will earnestly desire to show love unto our neighbors. That we will no longer be judgmental or badgering in how we treat people. Instead, put in us a kind and caring heart, that others will be comforted just being around us. Life is hard and many people are suffering in this dark world. So many of them have nowhere left to turn. Their well is empty. Their burdens are too vast and that they cannot find comfort in their trials. Lord, I know that I have family, friends, and brothers and sisters in the faith who are feeling this way right now. They are down and distraught because of the coronavirus and the fears that go along with it. Many of them also have a chronic illness, have lost their job, have financial issues, marriage problems, and more. This life can be so very hard and even I am going through a job loss. It would be nice if people that knew me would come and visit me. That I may be comforted also in these trying times. I know that life will get better and a better job will come to the table sooner than later. Until then, do I trust in You and welcome phone calls, texts, visits, and prayers. But I am not alone in this matter. Even now my wife’s mom is on hospice care. This has caused her to be in mourning, and I can only do so much to comfort her. Lord, this life is short and we don’t know when we will give our last breath. Therefore, I will never stop leaning on You for understanding, comfort, and hope that I need. If I need to be uplifted, there is always help around the corner when I call upon Your Name in prayer. You are always there for me. I love You, Jesus! You are my Lord and God. I give You praise and glory. Amen.

Sinner’s Prayer (07/02/2020)

Oh Lord, my God, please forgive me and hear my cries. I have fallen once again and know that what I have done is terrible. I deserve to be punished. Nothing is hidden in Your sight and I feel very ashamed for the evil things I have committed. I am filthy in Your sight and weighed down in all my sins. I have betrayed You and am so sorry. Please forgive me. I am sorry for (fill in the blank) and pray that You will take this iniquity and cast it out of my life. I don’t want to turn from You again, but follow You, Jesus, the rest of my days. I feel so guilty for what I have done and pray that You will find mercy for my soul. It is my desire to be cleansed and conformed in Your ways. Take my old life and make me new. Give me eyes to see what is evil in this world, that I may no longer desire it. Help me to hate what is evil and love what is good. I know that You can help me live differently, so I offer You my life today to follow You. I admit that You are the Lord God of all and pray that You will become the Lord of my life also. I need a Savior and pray that You, Jesus, will save from my soul from death and hell. I want to go to heaven, God. I want to be where You are and not where the world leads me. Take every evil influence from my life, that I might serve You in Your kingdom and not be distracted. Make me whole again, Jesus. Cleanse me through Your blood. I trust in You, Lord. You are the king of my life. Give me wisdom and direct my paths. Take me into Your presence this hour. My arms are wide open to receive You. I love You, Lord. May my life ever showcase what You have done for me. Amen.


Today’s Prayer (07/01/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that there will be more people in the faith who are selfless and loving towards one another, not judgmental or trying to prove one’s point. Arguing with someone who only wishes for comfort and peace, only brings more pain into that person’s life. This is disheartening to have seen this happen in my life and other people I have met. I’ve head stories, God, of people who have left the faith because of people treating them badly, and this breaks my heart. If people would just know how others are feeling in their grief and sadness, they would never treat them badly again. So Lord, come and make people new. Restore them into Your love, that they may be a beaming light in the darkness of this world. Allow Your love to overflow from them and into people they meet. Help them become instruments of comfort, job, kindness, love, sympathy, and peace. Cast out every pit of discord and animosity from their hearts, that You may take over their mortal bodies and lead them in righteousness. Help them walk in Your holiness, not in the ways of the flesh. Take them by the hand and lead them, oh Lord. Help me to continue to also be an instrument for Your kingdom. I know that I have let You down before, but I am ready to go all-in for You now. Lead me from here on out and far from temptation. I can see that many people are suffering and need comfort in these trying times. So open the doors to me and other Christians, that we might do all that we can for them. We love You and also love our neighbors. How can we be comforted knowing that other people are in desperate need of our help? Therefore, I will do all that I can for the welfare of their souls. May they also come to know You, Jesus, as their Lord and Savior. That they see Your good works in me and glory You, Father, who art in heaven. I love You, God. Amen.