Today’s Prayer (07/26/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will discover You and find themselves in Your light. Too many people are living in the darkness and don’t even know it. They need rescuing and have no clue of the destruction ahead of them. Therefore, take these people who are ready and lead them by the hand. Bring good Christian people into their lives, that they may discover what following You really means. What I am seeing in this world are too many bad examples of what Christianity is supposed to be like. And now I know, Lord, why this is happening. Just as You can see every wicked and vial deeds from heaven, I can also see this in people all around me. Being in Your light helps me to know what is righteous and what is wicked. I can see every worker of iniquity and every worker of righteousness. And what is sad, is that I am not seeing very many people doing Your will, but are working for the devil instead. Unfortunately, he has his clutches in the majority of people today, including many so-called Christians. Because people do not live their whole lives for You, but only strive to one day of the week at church, we see people of the world and not in Your light. So, Lord, I pray that people of all ages, countries, and tongues, will finally understand the need for repentance. Then, will they finally be washed by Your blood and have no more desire to willfully sin. Because the Holy Spirit will be in them now, they will cling to what is for You and not against You. Truly, Your ways are holy, and as believers, we are to keep them holy in our lives daily. How could I desire to be saved if I still want to sin and be of the world? This goes against Your will and what we will not see in heaven. So Lord, keep me in Your light. Help me to be Your witness to this lost generation. I love You. Amen.
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