Today’s Prayer (07/16/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that more people will become a shining light unto those who are suffering. That, as believers, we will become a beacon of hope unto those who are going through some rough time. It could be because of a marriage on the rocks, a job loss, financial issues, a death in the family, and personal reasons like sin and addiction. No matter what the cause is for people’s misfortune, we lift these souls up to You, God. We ask that You will deliver to them the comfort and peace that they need to go on in life. We don’t wish any of them to fall deeper in depression and guilt but be set free by Your mighty hand, oh Lord. You are mightier than what is afflicting people now, and I pray that You will become their firm foundation. May they never lose hope in You, who saves. And I know that this can only happen if people continue to look to You in faith, no matter what has happened in their lives. So I pray that You will lift people up and take all their cares and worries, and rest them upon Your shoulders. Give us the opportunity to do things for them, including pray with them. I just pray that more people would be open to prayer, for it is a blessing from heaven upon them that believe, even unto those in their house. I believe that You have great things in store for people, even though everything may seem lost at the moment. You have the power to restore them into a new life, where only Your peace, joy, hope, love, kindness, comfort, compassion, forgiveness, and mercy resides. I believe You can do all things, Lord. I also know that we are to be Your shining lights unto all people, especially those who are suffering. I believe In what You can do through us, in order to bless other people’s lives. I love You. Amen.
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