Today’s Prayer (07/27/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that we, as believers, will be ready for Your return. I know that last night You opened my eyes to Your Second Coming and also the rapture in a dream, of which I am still amazed by. That vision has left me in awe just thinking of what took place. And I am so grateful to have been among those people who were being raptured up with You in the clouds. What this means is that my life was in right standing with You at this time of my life. So praise God that I continued in the faith until this day. Lord, all I desire is to be with You in heaven. I know that many times I do fall, but right afterward You pick me back up again. Sure, if I continued going down that sinful and proud track, I would not be ready for Your return. Instead, I would be where most everyone else was in my dream and that was in a state of shock and fear. But Lord, even though I was happy about Your return, I needed to also know that my wife and children were saved. That is why we prayed together in the dream that You would receive us all. Now, since the dream ended before I came to realize this or not, I pray that it will become a reality for my wife and my kids of being raptured up on that day. I would feel terrible if they were left behind with the wicked. So Lord, continue to be with us all until Your return. Help me to lead my family by example. My only desire is to see more people be saved, especially those people who are closest to me like my family. I pray that they will humble themselves before You and begin to look to You in faith. Then, can they also be washed by Your blood and be saved. Lord, I love You. You are my greatest joy of all. I give you praise and glory. Amen.

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