Today’s Prayer (07/07/2020)

Oh Lord, thank You for this life. Thank You for the health that I do have. Thank You for helping me through these rough times, though I don’t always deserve it. Thank You for coming to my rescue when temptation is strong and my flesh cannot resist. Thank You for leading me far from the enemy’s hand, that I might live for You in purity and righteousness. Thank You for the Bible and how it has led me to live an entirely new life for You. I once thought I knew the right things to do, but now my eyes have been opened to what Your Word says. This way I can live this life and know that my ways are according to Your Words and not my own. Lord, all I desire is to honor and please You. I don’t live this life for myself, but to lift You up in praise. If people can see You in me, that is what I desire. Then, will they give You glory also. Lord, help me to never prejudge somebody when really they were innocent the entire time. I would feel terrible if people became hurt and depressed because of what I said to them. Therefore, may Your love envelope my life, that people in trials will obtain Your peace poured out from me. Cast out all their fears and renew them In the Holy Spirit. Lord, I know that if You are leading us, even the trials we are facing now will all make sense. We will have a reason to carry on, and not want to end our lives prematurely. Truly, to endure in the faith and die faithfully for You is what You have called each of us all to do. Who will do this? That is the question that I present to people, and pray that more people will also ask this about themselves. All I desire is to see more people be saved and go to heaven someday, not be damned and go to hell. Where You are, that is where I long to be. I love You, Jesus. I give You glory and praise. Amen.
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