Today’s Prayer (07/05/2020)

Oh Lord, thank You for Your beautiful creation. I am amazed at the wonders I see in space and know that it was all done by Your mighty hand. Scientists all around the world are slowly identifying the different stars and constellations and thinking they know the reason for them, where it was always known from the beginning. You are our creator of all things heaven and earth. The glorious and magnificent things that we cannot comprehend has life because of You, our maker. When You call out, all things that are created obey Your voice, except for humans. We are formed in Your image, oh Lord, and I am so grateful. Just looking in the sky is beauty without any comprehension. The mountains on the earth shake before Your face. Everything that was formed on earth is subservient to You. Only we as humans are disobedient to our maker when You only have good things in store for us. I will never comprehend the reasons why there is so much anger and hostility in this world, when Your love is able to usher in peace and joy into our hearts. You are able to change the atmosphere if we would just look to You in faith. Surely, You know our thoughts and our intentions. You can see who is really looking to You in faith and who is not. So many souls are lost and on the road to destruction, but there is still hope for them. I pray that the Holy Spirit will convict these people of their sins, that they will repent and turn to You today. Lead them to people who truly love You and live for You also. Then, will they see a good example of the faith and run to You also, Jesus. Thank You, Lord. You are the maker and Lord of my soul. I am Yours, dear creator and God of all. Take me into Your mighty arms and lead me into Your light, even all my days. I love You. Amen.
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